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The Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone will Fight For

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For the last several years, my family has been playing the White Elephant Gift game at our Christmas holiday gathering. My husband and I love to try to bring the white elephant gifts everyone will fight for!

I personally love the White Elephant gift game and I love attending parties where that is the theme! I love seeing how creative, funny, practical everyone gets with their white elephant gifts.

image of gifts wrapped in red and green with text that says 20+ White Elephant Gifts (Everyone will fight over)

What is the White Elephant gift game?

If you haven’t heard of the White Elephant gift game or don’t know how to play, let me explain the game and the rules to you.

You start with having a party and all the guests who want to play need to bring a gift. Our family plays that you have to bring a brand new item up to a certain dollar amount. We use $50 as our limit so the gifts in this list will all be about $50. If the item isn’t $50, you could bundle the item something else. Like wine glasses and a bottle of wine, or something like that.

I also wanted to tell you that we have played where you regift something that you already own. So you shop in your own house, wrap the gift and bring it to the party. These parties have really been interesting and my belly usually hurts from laughing so hard.

Rules of the game

Now that you have decided on the price of the gifts or if you are regifting something, everyone needs to go out and get a gift, wrap it and bring it to the party.

At the party, everyone puts their gifts in the center of everyone who is playing. If you didn’t bring a gift, I’m sorry to say you don’t get to play the game. You can get all the rules to the game at The White Elephant Rules.

A few of my personal suggestions while playing the game: when picking gifts, participants get a time limit so they aren’t there all night.

Now that you understand how to play the game, let’s look at some gift ideas!

White Elephant Gifts Everyone will fight for

Adult beverages as gifts are always a hit.

Beer Steins and a 6 pack of craft beer is a great idea! So when you wrap your present, use a gift bag that will hold your beverages and the beer mugs.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Never Flat Stein

Don’t forget to pick up a 6-pack of your favorite craft beer to go with this awesome beer stein!

Traditional Beer Mug glasses Set

Traditional mugs need to be paired with a 12 pack of beer so everyone can have a beer after the game is over! This gift will be sure to be stolen three times!

Wine Glasses and Wine opener are awesome gifts too! You could even include a nice bottle of wine! We paired a bottle of wine with an electric bottle opener and that gift was stolen a couple of times (which makes it way more fun to watch!).

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses for Red or White Wine

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine (or a box of wine) to go with the glasses!

Electric Wine Opener

Everyone loves wine and wine accessories. Get this opener, some glasses (see above), and a bottle of wine for the gift that everyone will steal!

Funny White Elephant Gifts

Funny Doormat Door Mat

No one will ever expect a doormat! The funnier the better! If it’s a family party you may need to keep it clean, but there is a saying for everyone!

Funny Kitchen Towels

These funny kitchen towels will bring laughter to your kitchen and a little bit of laughter to your party.

Muffin Top Silicone Pan Molds

Who doesn’t want creative baking cups for making amazing cupcakes?! You could grab these molds and pair it with a cake mix and some frosting and sprinkles for a great gift!

2020 People of Walmart Boxed Calendar

Who doesn’t want 365 days of People of Walmart?!

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Family White Elephant Gifts everyone will fight for

I call the following gift ideas are great for family night or for a young adult who is going to college or just got their own apartment. I envision you picking a couple board games and wrapping them together to make one gift. Maybe Monopoly and a deck of cards if you have to spend $25. If you have to spend more than you could do a special addition Monopoly and another board game.

Monopoly Classic Game

If I were to give games for a white elephant, I would definitely have a classic game with a cheesy game.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

This is a great game for family night and everyone will be laughing!

Cards Against Humanity

Creative White Elephant Gifts Everyone will fight for

Coca-Cola Pop-Up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Hotdogs for watching the baseball game on TV.

Dammit Doll

Grab a Dmmit Doll and a couple other things to make a larger gift.

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Every party needs a unicorn in it somehow!

Wonder Woman Apron

I just may have to order this myself!

I hope you got some great white elephant gift ideas that everyone will fight over and I hope you have an amazing time at your white elephant party.

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