Tried and True Action Steps to Manage Stress

This past year has lead to a ton of loss in my life. The losses created a great deal of stress.

Let me try and explain a little. My husband and I went through something that nearly destroyed our marriage. My son was dealing with some social issues at school and my other son was dealing with some serious learning challenges.

All this happened in a short 4 month period. We went through some more stuff with my older child and it all seemed to slow down around Easter. I was a mental hot mess.

In order for me to work through the mess, I had to establish a few things in my life to help me cope with all the stress. Here are a few of the action steps I had to take in order to feel steady during such a challenging time.

I had to create a morning routine. This routine allowed me to have extra time before my children wake up.

Establish A Morning routine

Saturday has become our day of rest. Sometimes my husband has to work on Sunday’s and some times I have to work on Sunday’s, so Saturday’s have become our rest day.

Day of Rest

Now, the stress is lowering and I’m still seeing my counselor, but I have a better handle on the stress and I’m ready to start working out again.


Finally, these action steps helped me reduce the stress in my life and allow me to focus on what is right in front of me.

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