Top 8 Ways To Cut Your Budget When You Are Suddenly Unemployed

The day my husband lost his job, didn’t just effect him, it effected me too. I am the money manager of the house and our budget.

I know how much money we have, where it gets spent, saved and the debt. We needed to make some serious budget cuts but even with those cuts I knew we wouldn’t last long on unemployment.

The minute after I hung up with my husband, I sat down and did a quick financial assessment. I realized we needed to decrease our spending drastically.

The grocery bill is the very first place my husband and I go to cut costs. The blog post, "Top 3 things to cut from your Grocery Budget" will help give you ideas where to start.

Cut your Grocery bill

Yes, there is a basic basic, you just have to ask for it. The basic basic is just the local stations usually. You don’t have a cable box with the basic. That’s why I say cut the cord.

Cable, Either Cut The Cord Or Decrease It To The Lowest Rate Possible

Set your heat lower and then set it at night even lower. Wear a sweatshirt if you are cold. Consider putting plastics on the windows to save on heat too.

Heat and Electric

Can that be lowered somehow? If you have a land line, you better cancel that. Lord knows you aren’t using it and only telemarketers have that number.

Examine your cell phone bill

We shopped insurance companies and were able to save $100/month (no lie! It was awesome!) just by making a few phones calls. Saving $100/month is saving $1200 a year!

Make Sure Your Car Insurance Is The Lowest It Can Be

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