This Is What Happened When I Threw Out My Blog Editorial Calendar

For the last year I have been taught that you need an blog editorial calendar. That way you know how many posts you need to write, when they are going to be posted and to help keep yourself organized.

The purpose of an editorial calendar is so you have a vision of what you need to be working on. It helps you keep on track and motivated.

I had a coaching call with Kim Anderson and she basically challenged me to do the exact same thing! To write as many blog posts as I could in a week.

Mind Opening and Shifting thought process

I set my goals for the year and I think about how many blog posts I want to write. I had decided I wanted to write 2 posts a week. That was my goal.

My reaction

Through Kim’s challenge I have learned that I really can write and entire blog post in an hour. I can have a blog post completely done in 1.5 hours.

What I learned

Having content on your blog is why you have a blog. If there isn’t content then you don’t have a blog. Content is King in the blogging world. Without content you don’t have anything to share.


Since the challenge has been building momentum and I now know that I can write a post in an hour, I am going to see how many posts I can write in  a month.

Going forward

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