The Most Powerful Parenting Tips And Advice For Boy Moms

Being a mom of boys is a special assignment. As a boy mom we get to raise boys to become men. We get to teach them how to fight like a mighty warrior, then how to love so very tenderly.

When I was a brand new mom, a friend of mine gave me the most tender parenting tips and advice for boy moms.

She encouraged me to never demean my boys. The word demean means to “cause a severe loss of dignity and respect.”

Parenting tips and advice for boy moms

Many times I find myself moving furniture and my boys are helping me move it. Once they are done, I remind them of how strong they are that they could lift the table and help me!

They are strong

Now that they are older and we tease each other, they have asked me specifically not to mock them. Mocking is the same as demeaning. Once they asked me that, I apologized for my actions and respect was restored.

Don’t mock

My boys are learning to communicate with people the way adults should communicate with each other. That’s my secret goal right now, to help them to be able to communicate their feelings.

Training for life

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