How To Get Rid Of Teenage Boy Stinky Room

My friends all told me it would happen. That one day I would wake up and my son would smell. He would get out of the shower and still smell like he didn’t even use soap.

They warned me that my son’s room would smell like a teenage boy stinky room. Then it happened. My kid’s room smelled and I couldn’t figure out what the smell was.

I decided to do 3 things that I think has really helped the teenage boy stinky room.

One thing I think you should consider is to get an air purifier with a HEPA filter. These filters clean the air more so it works better.

Air Purifier

I decided to try the reed diffusers & I ordered one from Amazon. I personally love it because it emits a light lavender smell into the room all the time & I don’t have to worry about the thing turned off.


I got a plant that is pretty hearty for his room. It’s one that is supposed to clean the air. That way it will help with the smell.


Recently we removed all the carpet from our home and had luxury vinyl planks installed. The flooring is amazing, but what I wasn’t expecting was the sent in their rooms to significantly decrease.


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