Take Charge of Your Week using Complete Weekly Planner

I created these weekly printable‘s so that I could gain control of my to-do list, I could gain control of my weekly schedule, and I could gain control of my meal planning and along with that our finances.

Now I am sharing them with you because they have seriously helped us to bring order to our life.

First, the schedule needed to get straightened out. This is what I did, I started first with our schedule and I took a deep hard look at how I was planning our week.


Next, I started planning my week on Fridays. I wrote down all of my to-do list on Friday. The list would have my work to-do list and then over the weekend I would add family things I needed to do.

The Never-Ending To-Do List

Goal planning and achieving are a big part of my life. I believe that when we have a goal and we focus on it and drive toward that goal, then we are able to see what we were able to really do.


Meal planning also helped with cooking because all the ingredients were in the house for the meals that were on the plan.

Weekly Meal Plan

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