Save Money on Groceries Cutting These 3 Things

The truth of the matter, when we were unemployed I learned how to grocery shop with coupons. Lots and lots of coupons. I had a file cabinet in my kitchen that housed all the coupons from the Sunday paper.

 I was the crazy coupon lady but I had also figured out that there were 3 items I had to cut from our groceries to help us save money.

To this day I still have a grocery budget. When my husband asks me to cut spending, this is the first place we go. I check to see if I have been using a meal plan and if I am cutting my top 3 items from the list.

 Cookies, fruit snacks, granola bars, these are all treats that frankly don’t help a diet, nor do my kids need them. On top of that my kids would rather have home made any way.

Sugary treats

These are really empty calories at the end of the day so they get eliminated from the grocery list. If I had a coupon and the chips were on sale then I would re-evaluate if we can get them.


You don’t need them to live. The amount of sugar in juice and pop is outrageous and you will be healthier if you give them up. All you Diet Coke lovers out there, don’t hate!

Pop, juice, flavored drinks

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