Quick Tips To Help Manage When You Have A Migraine

The throbbing, pounding, blurry eyes, dizzying headache began in the middle of the night. I could feel the pounding in my head before I even lifted my head off the pillow or opened my eyes.

I knew the next 48 hours would be intense pain and extreme moodiness. When my migraine hits, there is nothing that can help or stop it.

For me, I have had migraines since I was a kid. I specifically remember being at my Gram’s house and coming in and having a headache. My Mom gave me some Tylenol and a Coke and said to lie down for a bit.

I’m in my 40’s now so I’ve had 30 years to figure out how to manage when I have them. This is what I have learned.

Peppermint oil is awesome! It smells good, it tingles at the base of my skull and I wish I had found it sooner.

Sleep is the only thing that will actually help the situation.

Usually after putting some peppermint oil on, I grab the ice pack and then lie down for a while.

Ice pack at the back of my head is great!

Specifically, Vitamin B2 and CoQ10. I started taking these supplements on a daily basis and my migraines have been significantly less.


If you don’t have a prescription for migraine meds, Ibuprofen and Tylenol have always been my go-to’s. You canI would talk to your doctor about how much you can take.


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