How To Teach Kids To Work Independently

When I first started working from home, my husband would watch the kids or I would work during nap time.

As my children got older and my husband began to travel, we had to come up with a solution so I could work.

I learned about using a timer from a blog post on Pinterest and I started using it with tasks like folding laundry while they watched a show.

I’ll explain more about the 25 minute work time further in this story. I use it regularly and it really does help to know that you have a break in 25 minutes.

During the morning meeting at breakfast, we set the plan for the day. When the kids were home for the summer, I would tell them that I would work till lunchtime and then after lunch, we would go to the pool or where ever.

The Morning Meeting

Establishing a plan helped all of us know what was expected of them and me. They knew I would be done by lunchtime and they knew they had to do their work too.

Create a Plan

It’s important to know what motivates them so that they get their work done. As adults, we need to remember that kids need to be kids and allowed to get out and explore the world.

What Motivates Them

By reminding the kids that they have responsibilities that we had discussed in the morning meeting, helps the kids to remember the expectation for the day.

Let The Kids Have Responsibility For Their Work

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