How To Save Time Grocery Shopping

Do you find that grocery shopping takes a boatload of time? I have been brainstorming how to save time grocery shopping for a few months.

The grocery shopping part is what I loathe! Going to the store, shopping and checking out, loading in the car and then coming home with it all.

It’s a lifesaver having all the ingredients for the meal already in the house. I rarely forget an item because as I’m making my list I am going through the ingredient list for the recipe at the same time so I know what I do or do not need.

Since I am not going into the actual store, I am spending way less money. All those impulse buys are gone.

Spend less

Some stores are offering to deliver your groceries for FREE! I mean how is this not the best thing ever! They want to deliver the groceries to you. That is a win-win in my book!

Free Delivery

You can also use Instacart or Shipt and they charge a small fee. You can click through my links for either and we can each get some free groceries!

Small service fee

Since I have been using the delivery services, I save time grocery shopping, but it also keeps us on track with our healthier eating.

Keeps us on track

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