How To Save Money And Time With Dryer Balls

About 4 years ago I started having a hard time breathing when I was using dryer sheets. I would throw one in the wash with my clothes but the stuff on them stayed on my hands.

So I would touch my face and then I would be breathing that stuff in all day long. That’s when I started researching other ways to keep fabrics softer.

That’s when I started looking into dryer balls. I purchased a set from Norwex, but then I found some awesome ones on Amazon.

Saves you money! I haven’t bought fabric softener or dryer sheets in 3 years. That’s a lot of money I have saved!

Benefits of dryer balls

Since I’m not adding fabric softener to my laundry I am not adding more chemicals! The chemicals in fabric softener stay in your clothes once you have washed them.

No chemicals

I started feeling healthier when I stopped using all the fabric softeners and started using dryer balls.


Not only am I saving money on fabric softeners or dryer sheets, I’m also saving money on gas/electricity from my dryer being done faster!

Less dry time

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