How to Post Videos on Pinterest

This story will give you all the instructions you need to post videos to Pinterest. Because why shouldn’t video be available everywhere?

It can take a bit of setting up and profile configuration to finally be able to post a video, however it can be well worth it in the end when you have the feature ready to use for uploads in the future.

For the fastest way to upload a video to Pinterest, here is a step by step guide so you can start recording.

Step 1 – Open Pinterest Start by opening up the Pinterest app on your mobile device. Step 2 – Sign in You’ll want to open a Pinterest business account and sign into that account.

Method 1 – Android And iOS

Next you will actually want to enter your profile, on mobile this can be done by pressing on the picture icon at the bottom right of the toolbar with a blank portrait.

Step 3 – Go Onto Account

When on your Pinterest account a ‘+’ icon will be directly below. Press on this and you will have the option to create a pin or board, press ‘Pin’.

Step 4 – Create Pin

A list of photos will pop up to upload along with videos. Simply click on the video you want to post and choose the board you would like to attach it to.

Step 5 – Choose video

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