How to Organize Your Day Using this Inexpensive Tool

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when yearly planners start popping up everywhere. The pretty vibrant colors, the inspirational sayings, the geometric or monogrammed covers, all call your name.

I was so excited to have a beautiful planner and actually be able to write down what my week looked like.

To be able to manage everyone’s appointments in one place and to have FOCUS. To have an organized day, week, and life!

I write everything on the list, even the day’s appointments are written on the Post-It note, including don’t forget to hug my kids, so I don’t forget about them.

This is how I use Post-It Notes to organize my life

If it doesn’t get done on the day it is supposed to get done, then it moves to the following day’s list. It will get done the next day.

What happens if it doesn’t get done?

I have a secret about my daily to-do list. It’s rather simple, but it’s something that really helps me get it all done and keep the focus.

My Secret Sauce

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