How To Manage The Emotional Stress Of Moving

One thing I wasn’t expecting when moving cross country, was the emotionally intense grief. It was like something was dying and my heart was breaking into a million pieces every day.

Looking back, I probably could have learned to manage the emotional stress of moving a little better.

When you are moving across the country, or further away than you expected know that there are going to be emotions that go with it. Since I have moved so much prior to this move I wasn’t expecting to be so heartbroken.

Don’t dwell here. I have decided that I will allow myself to feel the sadness, but I’m not going to stay in the sadness.

Few things that helped me

I found that when I shared my feelings with my children that they realized it was okay to share their feelings. Moving is hard, it’s stressful and when you move across the country, you have a loss too.

Share your emotions

Write it down There were a few nights where I just sat down and wrote down all my emotions.

Manage Emotional Stress of Moving

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