How To Make Budgeting Easy With Multiple Accounts

Budgeting never came easy for us. Actually, nothing with money ever came easy for us. Our monthly financial talks were always stressful. Then we decided to try budgeting with multiple accounts.

A few years ago we took Dave Ramsey’s course, Financial Peace University. It’s an excellent course. This course was the one that helped my husband and I get on the same page with money.

We didn’t learn about Dave Ramsey until after our unemployment and financial ruin. Dave Ramsey’s course is very good and it teaches how to use cash when you budget.

I decided to open up a checking account for myself & move money to that account to be used for groceries & gas & a little fun money for myself & the kids. We had our joint checking account and then we each had our own checking accounts.

Budgeting with Multiple Accounts

More Savings Since moving to 3 accounts, we save more. We each have enough money in our accounts to spend that we don’t feel deprived.

Benefits of Multiple Accounts

There is significantly less fighting about money since we have our own accounts. We can decide if we want to save a little of our own money for something we may be keeping our eye on.

Less Fighting

We use the joint checking to pay for every living expense. It pays for the housing payment, electricity, gas, water and sewer, phones, cable & internet, and car and insurance.

Joint Checking uses

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