How To Make A Cheap Healthy Meal Plan

Growing up in the ’80’s I never once saw my mom make a meal plan. I knew there was a budget for groceries, but I never saw her make a plan.

When I became an adult I had to learn how to make a cheap healthy meal plan to keep our budget on track and to keep my health on track.

Print off meal planning page Scan your Pantry Scan your freezer Buy staples like oils and spices at Walmart or Aldi Leftovers for lunch Breakfast for dinner Pasta and Rice

Here are the steps I took  to start my meal planning

Now that you have an idea of what is in your pantry and what new recipes you want to make this week, it’s time to fill in your menu plan.

Make your cheap healthy meal plan

Now you should have your meal plan finished, and you can start making your grocery list.

Grocery List

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