How To Get It All Done When Your Husband Travels

It’s 6 am on Monday morning, my husband’s car service has been waiting in the drive for the last 10 minutes. He kisses me goodbye and says I’ll see you Thursday night and I’ll call you when I get there. This has been our weekly routine for years now.

Once the door closes, I quickly take assessment of the weeks happenings. School, piano lessons, therapy, sports, homework, I make sure it all gets done. Every. Single. Week.

People often ask me how do I manage? What’s it like having him gone all week? How do you stay connected with your husband?

We have to eat to live so meal planning is on the top of my list. I switch between freezer meals and a meal plan. I use $5 Meal Plan a lot.


I prioritize my job during the school hours. I work for 3-4 hours while the kids are at school. I’m a Virtual Assistant and a blogger.

My Job

The never ending after school fight with the kids and I. I used to allow them to do homework after dinner but then one night we were still doing homework at 8:30 at night because they forgot about something.


We really try to only have 2 activities after school per kid. I just can’t do more. Currently we have 3 since my son is going through Vision Therapy.


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