How To Find People On Pinterest

Can’t remember your friend’s username? Or just want to find new content creators on Pinterest without typing in specific names?

Pinterest has a handy feature that’ll help you to find more people on your board with similar interests to you.

All you have to do is be able to search for people using Pinterest’s easy and effective system, and we’ll be going through that in this story today.

The Home/Browse section can differ slightly, as on a mobile device the browse section will always be ideas and posts from creators that you follow on your pinterest account.


The Today/Watch sections also differ slightly, but still have the goal of broadening your pinterest horizons through showing you different creators.


You can even search for ideas instead of just people, simply follow the steps above to find profiles, but instead of typing in a profile you want to find, simply search for whatever it is you’re interested in.

Search Ideas

Sometimes people just get annoying to be on your feed, or maybe you’re bored of what someone’s posting, luckily unfollowing a person on Pinterest is just easy & you’ll stop receiving posts from them on your feed as soon as you unfollow their profile.

Unfollowing Someone

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