How To Find Clients For Your PVA Business

First, let’s talk about your ideal client. Your ideal client is the one who has everything you are looking for. Their business has a need that you can identify at first glance.

When you can identify a need quickly, that usually means they aren’t aware they need help. But your service can help their business grow.

Maybe your ideal client is working for a blogger or maybe your ideal client is working for a small business. Knowing who or what you are looking for will help you narrow your search process.

I know many PVAs who have gotten clients through networking on LinkedIn. They have found a business they think would be a good match and ask their friends to introduce themselves to the other person.


Direct prospecting means that you are have done your research and found a business you would like to support. Direct prospecting is good, but it may take more time because you have to build a relationship of trust.

Direct prospecting

Upwork as a website that has jobs that are available for freelancers. Businesses will post work that is available on Upwork when they are looking for a freelancer or virtual assistant.


If you just want to have a VA business, you would look for Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants. Many of those groups have posts daily where people are looking for help.

Facebook groups

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