How To Declutter To Save Money Moving

When you move across the country, or even across the town,  you have to figure out what is the most important stuff to take with you and what you don’t need. And you have to figure out how to save money on that move!

The stuff you are decluttering is going to help you save money on your move. Remember that!

While you are getting rid of stuff, if you have the time, sell it. I sold some stuff and made some extra cash while we were in the process of moving.

Donate or Sell it?

If you are getting rid of toys, ask your kids if it’s okay for you to get rid of them. Despite you thinking they are just toys, to them, they could have an emotional meaning you aren’t aware of.


Decluttering the kitchen is the best feeling in the world! Since plastic does tend to multiply, please do not feel bad throwing some or all of it out.


This area was a quick easy clean sweep of donating and getting rid of everything in the garage. Some items to put on your list, snow blower, lawn mower, tools, yard tools, grill.

Garage and Storage Shed

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