How To Create A Work From Home Schedule

Without a doubt working from home has its challenges. You are in your home all the time and you notice how dirty it is all day long.

To thrive in your work from home job or business, you need to create a work from home schedule that will work for you.

I truly hope some of these tips will help you create a schedule for your work from home job.

You will need to know how many hours each day you can work. This will help with prioritizing your work.

Define How Many Hours A Week You Can Work

Setting your office hours means during those hours you are going to focus on your business tasks.

Set Office Hours

Having a designated workspace allows you to know exactly where all your work stuff should be. It also allows you to focus and “leave the office” when your time is over.

A Designated Workspace

Now that you know how many hours a day you can work, I recommend you create time blocks of 25 minutes. 25 minutes allows you enough time to focus and complete a full task.

Create Time Blocks

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