How To Beat Winter Blues With Your Kid

During winter season I have found that my energy level plummets along with my motivation and all my healthy eating habits. I become like a bear, wanting to just eat and hibernate.

I have never had an issue with depression, but lately I have noticed as I get older my body does not do well when the seasons change.

Further research showed me that these symptoms are called SAD, seasonal affective disorder. A person can be diagnosed with this after 2 years of the same symptoms occurring.

There are vitamins that help with the winter blues. The first is Vitamin D. Doctors recommend vitamin D to help our energy level and ‘sadness.’


Exercise helps your body fight the symptoms naturally. It also helps to increase your endorphins and a more positive outlook on life. Again, ask your doctor how much exercise you should be getting a week.


When my kid starts telling me how awful everything is at school. I change the conversation to what he is thankful for. To focus on what is good requires a different thought process.

Be thankful

Purchased a Happy Lamp from Amazon. It is portable and not too big. I have been putting it on the kitchen island where my kids eat breakfast.

Happy Lamp

The busier you are, the less time you have to feel sad. Keeping a schedule and having things to do on the weekend, help keep your mind off the fact that you are tired, and looking for the sunshine.

Keep Busy

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