How To Add More Exercise And Activity To Your Day

After the long winter we had here in the Midwest, I found that my exercise and activity levels were really low. I would look at my activity tracker at the end of the day and it says 1500 steps.

For me, I found that very discouraging especially when I look at my scale and I see that my weight is just going up. I knew I needed to add more exercise and activity to my day.

Since I work at a desk all day and I do have an activity tracker I decided that I was going to make an effort to move every hour.

By moving every hour for five minutes allowed my body to stretch and move and to just think about other things than staring at my computer.

Get up and move every hour for five minutes

By going outside I was also allowing my brain to have a break from life and I was able to engage with the environment I didn’t put headphones on and I just walked.

Walk for 30 minutes

By adding the extra steps to my day by getting up every hour I was increasing my ability to reach my goal.

Add more steps

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