How These Simple Moving Tips will Save your Budget

My family and I moved across the country. We decided that we were going to move from Illinois to Florida so we could be closer to the family.

Since we were moving across the country, I thought about you, my reader often. I decided while we were moving to keep a little note on my phone how I could help you in your next move.

These simple moving tips to help your budget is where I will begin. This move taught me a ton about moving. From negotiating with the movers, to decluttering, to staying within a budget.

There are all kinds of places to get packing supplies. I used my local UHaul a lot. They had a box full of used boxes that were FREE!

Packing supplies

When it came to packing, I packed as much as possible into each box without them getting too heavy. While I packed I also decluttered.


I had a friend who helped me pack. She was amazing! While she was packing, she would ask me questions. Keep, Trash or Donate.


This is an area that I started doing MONTHS before we officially decided to move to Florida. I had a hunch we were going to be moving so I started getting rid of obvious stuff that wasn’t going with us.

Sell your Stuff

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