How Grandma Lived The Life Of “save Your Money”

“Save Your Money!” This was always the last phrase I heard from my Gram whenever I left her house. Save your money, I heard it until I was 40 years old.

The problem was, she never told me HOW to save my money. What does saving your money look like? How much money am I supposed to save? What account should I save it in?

Maybe she never told me because I never asked. Maybe I didn’t realize that I needed to ask HOW to save money.

Cash As I think about my Gram, she always paid with cash. I remember one day hanging out with her and she was switching handbags. As she was going through all the pockets of her bag, she would find cash.

What did finances look like for my Gram?

My Gram would make stuff. I would go “home” for lunch during the school day but my lunch home was my Gram’s.

They made stuff by hand

They owned everything. Their house was paid off. They owned it outright. The cars they drove were paid in full and they didn’t have credit card debt.

They lived a debt free life

They lived on the income that came in from their pensions and social security. Their savings were “just in case.” They didn’t use it if they didn’t have to.

They didn’t use their savings

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