An Honest Review of the "Become a Pinterest VA Today" Course

Sticky Note Mom

Life changing, if you take action.

Pinterest management is in demand!

Become a Pinterest VA Today taught me step by step how to offer the more than 10 different services for Pinterest!

Best Contract Gig ever

A Pinterest VA AKA Pinterest Manager helps grow a companies Pinterest presence to increase their audience.

Who can be a Pinterest Manager?

The course, Become a Pinterest VA Today, will teach you everything you need to know to be a Pinterest Manager and even scale to an agency. It all depends on you! 

What do you need to be a Pinterest Manger?

2 Things

1. A Laptop 2. And a strong belief you can do it. (I already know you can!)

Would I invest in the course again today?

Absolutely, 100%. This course taught me how to create a business and get everything in place for growth on my terms.

The Facebook Group

The Facebook group is amazing! It provides so much support and there are leads for companies looking for Pinterest support.