5 Unexpected Benefits of Hiring a Tutor

As parents, you know your child’s weaknesses and strengths better than any person in the world. You are the resource that every teacher should be using.

If your child struggles in school, then you need to be your child’s voice and get them the help they need.

When talking to the teacher, ask them if there is a teacher in the school who tutors. Some teachers have the time to and want extra income and will tutor students.

We decided to hire a private tutor because we thought it would be more cost effective for us.

Tutoring has been a life savior in many ways. He is getting 1-1 support, and he can ask questions if he doesn’t understand.

Impacts of tutoring

We have seen his grades increase since starting with a tutor. He still struggles with the word problems in math, but he is doing so much better than before.

Confidence is rising

His confidence in himself and that he understands what he is reading is huge. He knows he has to read every day for 20 minutes and write a few sentences about the book.

Independent in after-school homework

Test scores aren’t the end all be all, but when the schools are measuring where your child is in the grade level, it matters.

Test Scores Are Getting Better

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