5 Tips to Help Establish Your Workout Goal

Do you have a goal to work toward? Establishing a goal allows you to be able to have something trackable to work toward. Remind yourself daily of what your goal is.

 This allows your mind to remain engaged in achieving your goal. If it’s a big goal, break it down into smaller goals.

If it’s lose 10 pounds, aim for losing 1-2 pounds a week. Breaking it into smaller goals allows it to be more achievable.

The realization that getting older is happening weather I like it or not is hard! But it’s true! With age comes less energy.

Change your expectations

Shorter workouts are just as efficient as longer workouts. 30 minutes was all I was willing to commit to working out. In those 30 minutes my body can sweat and burn calories.

Start small

When you miss a workout, do it the next day. Learning to listen to your body and adjusting your schedule for your life takes time.

Don’t be hard on yourself

These tips have helped me re-establish my workout goals. Coming to terms with an older body was hard. I hope these tips inspire you to establish your workout routine and following through!

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