16 Insanely Valuable Life Lessons From Unemployment

Losing a job is downright scary. Being unemployed is humbling and you never know what is going to happen.

We went through it and we came out on the other side. We learned some giant life lessons from unemployment. You can be as prepared as you want to be for unemployment, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

These are just some of the life lessons from unemployment that we reflect on. I hope they encourage you today!

This is a great goal, but it can be overwhelming. As we look back, we do wish we had taken this life lesson more seriously and had a larger emergency fund. Start saving for that today.

Financial Advisors Recommend Saving 3-6 Months For Emergencies

Take the help. Whatever it may be, if they offer food, a meal, groceries, watching your kids, whatever they offer. Take it.

People Are There To Help

We can always consume more stuff. Sell the extra stuff as fast as you can. I still go through our house and find stuff to sell.

The Stuff In Your House Is Only Stuff

You still have to figure out how to catch up on bills, keep your grocery budget low, and car maintenance that you may have put off.

Once You Have A Job, The Recovery Time Takes Longer Than You Expect

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