10+ Home Office Essentials You will Actually Use

 When I was creating my workspace, I realized there are some home office essentials you need to consider!

I quickly learned I needed a designated workspace to help me focus. So I started scouting out a good place to have a home office in our home.

In your home office, you are going to need reliable high-speed internet, computer desk, chair to house all the notebooks and stuff you need for working at home.

Finding a desk that will suit your needs can be difficult. I decided that since my desk was going to be part of our home decor, it had to look nice and like it belonged in our home.

Desk options

Picking a chair took a little longer. I really wanted the chair to be comfortable and I didn’t want it to have that mesh seat. I found my chair on clearance at Staples.


I strongly recommend you have a lamp on your desk. Especially if you are going to be doing video calls or creating videos. The light will help illuminate your face so people can see you.


Decorating is more a creative way to make your workspace feel complete. By decorating your space allows you to feel comfortable in that space.

Decorating Your Home Office Space

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