This is what happened in March 2018 blog income and traffic report

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I am so excited to be writing this blog income and traffic report, though it is more of a progress report. It has been a few months since I wrote a report. This month is really exciting for me and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it!


My last income report was in October of 2017, and that was just before I rebranded. It was also right before the holidays and some family changes that took my attention away from my blog.

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Due to those 2 things, I didn’t post as much and I really had to spend some time regrouping after the holidays. Once January hit, I felt like I was ready to make a firm commitment to my blog.

Why do I write Income and traffic reports?


Simply to inspire those who are thinking of starting a blog. There are hundreds of blog income reports published. You can type in Blog Income Report in Pinterest and see all of them. These income reports drew me in and made me start thinking that I could do that too!


I started my blog for several reasons.

  1. To Inspire others to pursue their passion.
  2. For myself, because I needed a creative outlet.
  3. To earn an income.

Those are my 3 main reasons for starting a blog. Thou I have found that my favorite part of the blog, that I wasn’t even expecting was how much I was growing as a person.

What has happened since January

In January I was working on my goals for 2018. I decided I was going to focus on my blog 12 weeks at a time. With quarter 1 I was going to focus on traffic and content. I use Kim Anderson’s 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy course to set up my 12 week goals. This course is AWESOME and it helps me focus on exactly what I need to get done now so that in 6 months I will have the momentum I need in the future.

What I like about this course is that it can also be applied to everyday life. I made some goals for my health and fitness and some personal goals too. I used the same format she describes in the course to do them.

During that time, I had a coaching call with Kim Anderson of Kim Anderson Consulting. She encouraged me to really focus on content and getting to 100 blog posts as fast as possible.

Then, I was in the Elite Blog Academy’s private Facebook group and my friend Jennifer Maker of JenniferMaker.com, she reported that in the month of December she wrote a blog post every. single. day. for 25 days. She said that during that time her pageviews doubled and she grew her email list too.

Also in January, I was listening to the Work at Home Summit and one of the speakers mentioned that he had posted every single day for a year when he first started. This allowed him to find his voice, and to create domain authority and traffic.


This got me thinking about how if I posted more frequently, my blog would grow faster. This is what happened:

January: 5 posts
February: 5 posts
March: 12 posts

Y’all! I started 2018 with 31 posts on my blog. I wrote 22 posts in the first quarter of 2018!!! Do you know that means I have 2/3s the number of blog posts up in 1 quarter than I did ALL of 2017?!

The momentum that this has created is monumental! I can feel it! I have already outlined 10 more posts for April so far, and I am hoping there will be more than 12 posts that go up in April.

Best Posts this year:

Quick Tips to help Manage with you have a migraine
This is what happened when my husband lost his job
How we easily saved $2200 by being a one car family

How this translates to traffic

With all the new posts, that means new pins for Pinterest. Pinterest is my number 1 traffic source right now. I am learning about SEO, but I am focusing on Pinterest first.


If you didn’t know, Pinterest loves new pins! So if you have an old post that suddenly isn’t getting traffic, go make a new pin for it! You won’t be disappointed you did!

In January I was convinced I was going to do manual pinning and use Carly’s Campbell’s ebook, Pinteresting Strategies as my model. Her book is awesome! I took some nuggets from her book and applied it to my Pinterest strategy.

In February, I started using Tailwind and Boardbooster and manual pinning. Once I started doing that, the game changed! I wasn’t consistent enough to just do manual pinning and I needed help with a scheduler.

I recommend you figure out what works for you and follow your gut. This is how I do it: Boardbooster to my group boards, Tailwind to my boards and manual pin third party pins to my boards.

Which scheduler do I like better?

Boardbooster is awesome. I can literally set it and forget it. But without doing manual pinning, Pinterest won’t show as much love.

Tailwind, is a struggle for me. I wish I loved it as much as Boardbooster, BUT I did see that when I allowed Tailwind to run out and my pins weren’t being pinned to my boards, there was a dip in traffic. So there is something to be said about pinning your own content to your own boards.

I think using them together is a great way to leverage getting traffic and free up some time.

Manual pinning

The great debate about manual pinning verse using a scheduler will continue. I do believe that Pinterest has an opinion and because of that belief, I do manual pinning as well. I highly recommend you read Carly’s eBook Pinteresting Strategies. It was one of the first Pinterest related books I read. It’s very good and will definitely help you understand manual pinning. Not to mention it has a great price tag!  Click this link to check it out.

My biggest mistake

You can’t have an Income/Traffic report without noticing the mistakes. I am SO embarrassed to say that I didn’t have Rich Pins enabled on Pinterest! I didn’t notice that after I rebranded in November that rich pins had to be re-enabled. So I went, December, January, AND February without them on. 4 Months! (facepalm!)

That meant that I wasn’t getting a ton of Pinterest love. At the beginning of March, I enabled rich pins and my traffic took off!

Here are my stats:

Blog posts: 12

Pageviews: 1728

Income: 0

I didn’t earn any income in March. I turned off my ads in February because I wanted to see if that would help with engagement. Now that I know the issue was rich pins, I will be turning ads back on.

I had several click-throughs to various affiliates but no sales… YET.


Deposit Photo: $29  I like their stock photo options. I started using them in February. They have since switched their plans to $25 for 25 photos. I will be switching my plan to that as well.

Canva: $12.95 I have been using Canva to make my images for my blog posts. I go back and forth on if I should be paying for this service. The stuff I use it for, I can do it with the free service so I may just cancel my membership.

iMark Interactive: $29. iMark Interactive is my blog IT guy. He makes sure my blog is being backed up and if I need anything he is just an email away. He helped me when I rebranded and made sure that Bluehost did everything right. I highly recommend him. I am not an affiliate for him because I think he does such good work that I would refer anyone to him.

Thoughts and Goals

In January I felt like I had a major breakthrough. I accepted the fact that one of my niches was going to be personal finance and I decided I needed to post more content. Those 2 things alone have brought SO MUCH clarity to my blog!

My goal for quarter 2 is to get to 100 blog posts. After I press publish on this post, I will have 46 more to go. I’m expecting to be writing like crazy these next couple of months.

Overall, quarter 1 for my blog income and traffic report was an awesome start to 2018! After Christmas and just be for the New Year, I had no idea I would be focusing so much on content which then led to traffic. I can honestly say that I am a blogger now. I can see that my hard work is going to make the second half of the year look so much better! There’s a lot of work to be done in quarter 2.

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