The Best Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers that Really Works

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Every once in a while as a blogger, there is a course or ebook that you go back to over and over again. For me, that book is Pinteresting Strategies. This is by far the best Pinterest strategy for bloggers and an essential ebook every blogger should read, at least once!

Let me just explain why I say that! Carly’s ebook Pinteresting Strategies is the guide to help you understand Pinterest. It talks about Pinterest in a different way than other courses do. Carly believes Pinterest is trying to “see” our pins and how Pinterest reacts to users of their platform.  As a new blogger, it allows you to get to know Pinterest in a personal way that using a scheduling tool doesn’t.

I have used Carly’s strategy several times and every time I use it, my pageviews grow quickly. What blogger doesn’t want traffic? And traffic that grows quickly?! I started 2018 using her strategy. By April my pageviews had tripled from where I was in January.

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How to grow your Pinterest traffic with the best Pinterest Strategy. #blogtraffic

Who is Carly Campbell?

First, a little about the author. Carly Campbell of Mommy on Purpose started blogging in 2016. She decided that she wasn’t going to spend money on scheduling tools and decided to figure out how to grow her traffic with manual pinning.

Carly was able to grow her traffic from 0-200k page views in less than a year. All from manually pinning. The book goes on to explain how she does that. On top of growing her traffic, she was also able to grow her income so she could reach her ultimate goal of being able to stay home with her baby.

The Best Pinterst Strategy for Bloggers

Pinteresting Strategies

Let’s take a look at the book.

Pinteresting Strategies is an ebook that is packed with lots of information. It is 68 pages and has 14 chapters (and a low price of $32) that are packed with blog traffic strategy. Carly explains how to set up your profile and how to find group boards. (I am not going to say group boards are dead yet) She explains why you need more than 1 board per category and how to pin. There is the explanation of good pins versus bad pins and why Pinterest may favor a pin over another.

Her strategy of pinning manually forced me to examine Pinterest as not just a search engine but also as a social platform with followers and comments. Some days I see lots of my pins in the smart feed and some days I don’t see any. Carly explains why.

If you are a brand new blogger I can’t stress enough that this is a must read for you! Carly grew her blog from 0-200k pageviews using this method. Frankly, I am doing the same thing. My blog traffic is back down to 500 pageviews a month after moving this summer. When I saw that I knew the only way I was going to grow my traffic was through manual pinning.

What I wish the book had

Carly does an excellent job of explaining her method and she shares how she kept track of her pins in a notebook. When I started using her method I used the notebook too. But I really wished there was a better way to track my pins I was pinning. So what did I do about it? I asked other members in Carly’s facebook group how they tracked their pins for manually pinning.

How do I keep track of my pins?

The members of the Facebook group had several different strategies. Some had spreadsheets and Then Elizabeth used Trello. Elizabeth’s created a course, Manual Pinning Organization in Trello. I used this course to help me set up my pins on Trello. I’m not going to lie, it took me a couple days to set up my Trello boards but now that it’s done I am so excited to start pinning!

The Best Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers

If you haven’t figured it out already, I think Pinteresting Strategies is one of the best tools you can invest in for your blog. And at $64 it’s a STEAL! The ebook explains manual pinning in a way that will help you grow your traffic today. Obvious you have to give Pinterest a couple months to start to respond but once you do, you will be so happy with your outcome. If you haven’t clicked on the link to purchase the course yet, you can click this link to purchase the best Pinterest strategy for bloggers ebook Pinteresting Strategies right now.

Blog traffic is hard to grow. This strategy will grow your blog traffic with the best Pinterest Strategy.

Bloggers are always chasing traffic and using Pinterest to drive traffic. The best Pinterest strategy for bloggers that really works is this ebook!

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