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Take Charge of Your Week using Complete Weekly Planner

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Last year when we moved across the country it caused me to lose all my weekly planning skills. I wasn’t expecting to be so disorganized. So I decided to create this complete weekly planner printables that have helped to bring order back to our home and I hope it helps your home too!

The printables are actually part of my Complete Picture Planner that I created and you can find that in my shop. But if you don’t want a whole planner, then grab the Weekly Planner by joining my email list. You can sign up below. (If my email form doesn’t show up, there is on in the sidebar.) 

How do you organize your week?

While I was struggling to gain control of my week and asking my kids for help with what’s for dinner, I realized I needed to go back to the basics. When I stood in the kitchen at 4:45 and asked my kids what they wanted for dinner, that was a huge red flag for me that I had no control of our home routines. Have you been there? 

The next red flag came when I missed an entire week worth of activities. Piano, basketball and youth group were all missed the same week. I knew I needed to get it all back under control. That way things wouldn’t slip through the cracks.

I started researching planners. I looked at the Erin Condron and the Happy Planner. But I needed something a little more flexible that I could customize and I could reuse. Especially for grocery and menu planning.

Picture of weekly planner printable pages

The Complete Weekly Planner Created

I created these weekly printable‘s so that I could gain control of my to-do list, I could gain control of my weekly schedule, and I could gain control of my meal planning and along with that our finances. Now I am sharing them with you because they have seriously helped us to bring order to our life.


First, the schedule needed to get straightened out. This is what I did, I started first with our schedule and I took a deep hard look at how I was planning our week. I would use my journal and I wrote out everything that we were doing every week and the times. I would then move that information to our whiteboard. But sometimes it would get overlooked.

Then I realized I needed a planner. I created a weekly planner with a weekly schedule plan so that I could keep track of my client work, my kids work, and my kid’s schedule and my husband. I am a visual person and I needed to be able to see it and not see a little dot in the corner of the calendar on my phone. 

The Never-Ending To-Do List

Next, I started planning my week on Fridays. I wrote down all of my to-do list on Friday. The list would have my work to-do list and then over the weekend I would add family things I needed to do, like call the doctor so that over the weekend I could add to it if something came up. I created an awesome To-Do list printable that is in the Weekly Planner.


Then I started looking at my weekly goals and what I wanted to accomplish. Goal planning and achieving are a big part of my life. I believe that when we have a goal and we focus on it and drive toward that goal, then we are able to see what we were able to really do.

I have learned to break my big goals down to smaller goals so that I don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of the goal. An example of a big goal is to lose 15 pounds. I would focus on losing 1 pound a week. Then I would track my calories and exercise. One pound a week is easier to focus on than all 15 pounds at once.

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Weekly Meal Plan

When I realized that I was asking my 10 year old what was for dinner, I realized getting back to meal planning was a MUST! Not to mention the chicken rut we were in!

Meal planning is essential to keeping your health in order and to keep your home running smoothly. And meal planning was the hardest part to reign it in. But the printable helped me be able to visually see our meals and when we were dining out. 

Meal planning also helped with cooking because all the ingredients were in the house for the meals that were on the plan. I just wanted to share that these pens are my favorite to use for meal planning because they are erasable!

Meal planning not only helped get our eating back on track, it also helped get our finances back on track. Since we were dining out or using a meal delivery service for food, our grocery budget was out of control. 

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My husband would look at our finances and ask if there is anywhere we could cut back. Then he would see our food budget and realize this is where our problem was. We were spending so much money dining out! Can you say Chick Fil A and Chipotle?! That’s where our money was going!

The finance section is designed to help you create a budget, track your spending and track your debts that need to be paid off. This section has helped us spend way less money and I know it is going to help you too!

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Picture of weekly planner pages printables

Time Management

Honestly, since I started using these printables, our life has been more orderly and less stressful. The printables have brought time management back to our home by helping us know where we are supposed to be, what we are eating and how much we are spending. These printables are a true blessing and I hope they bless you too! Be sure and grab your own copy.

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