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9 Quick Summer Business Ideas For Tween Boys

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If you have an action taker, then these quick summer business ideas for tween boys is exactly what you need.

While summer vacation is the most awaited part of the year, it can be lengthy and a little boring. For some, summer is the best time because they are action takers!

For those who can drive and go places on their own, summer is the time of their lives, where they get to have some fun and live it up with friends. 

summer business ideas for tween boys

However, there are certain age groups that aren’t able to do much when there’s no school, and yes, we’re talking about the ‘tweens’. 

What Are Tweens? 

‘Tween’ comes from the combination of the words ‘between’ and ‘teen’. This refers to children who are close to their teenage years, but aren’t quite there yet.  

At this age, children are approaching puberty and a variety of changes in their life.

They may be finding it hard to accept they will be moving onto high school, and they are aware their responsibilities will increase. 

‘Tweens’ can often be a challenge for parents and teachers, as their moods can fluctuate. One moment they’ll be happy, before becoming moody. 

Summer Business Ideas For Tween Boys 

As ‘tweens’ can be moody, having an entire summer with nothing to do can be challenging for them (and their parents!).

Having some ideas for a  little summer business they can start up will occupy their minds and keep their brains working, which is good when there’s no school. 

You never know what could come out of it, several well-known businessmen started up their businesses when they were kids! 

Below are a few ideas for summer businesses for ‘tween’ boys. 

I totally recommend picking up this book by Mark Cuban. My hope is to offer other ideas to help your kid start expanding his thoughts and ideas. The book is: Kid Start Up: How You can become an Entrepreneur

Social Media Marketing 

As scary as it sounds, no one knows the world of social media better than ‘tweens’.

Those who are well-versed on Instagram and TikTok can offer their expertise to their local restaurant or pizza shop! 

If all goes well, they could end up offering their services to a variety of other local businesses in the area. 

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YouTube Reviews

If they’re into certain movies or games and have strong opinions, they could start up their own little YouTube channel reviewing them. YouTube is always changing and with their new introduction of YouTube shorts, quick reviews of movies and shows are wanted.

It could even pick up momentum, and they could start earning some money for it!  

Building a business on YouTube is fun. Kids could build their own channels together and collaborate to grow their audience.

Writing Fiction/Creating Comics 

Using their favorite comics, superheroes, and imagination for inspiration, they could write their own little series of books or comics. 

This is a great way to keep their minds working over the summer, and could eventually become a bestseller! Go big or go home! 

Mowing Lawns

Earning money for chores may sound typical, but they could end up building clientele from their entire neighborhood! 

This is also a great little side hustle that’ll have them outdoors the entire summer. They just need a couple lawns a week and they could be making a couple hundred a week.


Babysitting is a great way to learn about responsibility and build up leadership skills.

It’s also a job that pays well, as there are going rates for this in the US.

They can also become certified in basic safety and learn child care skills with certain charities, and this is a great way to show parents they are trustworthy and can be responsible – something that will serve them well as want as they get older! 

Lemonade/Drinks Stand 

Very few can resist an ice-cold drink as they walk by. This is a great way to learn all about entrepreneurship from a young age, and it can be even more fun by getting a group of friends involved too 

Once it gains popularity, it could be something that is offered every single summer, and you never know what that could lead to. 

The stand can even branch out and start selling other in-demand items depending on the area! 

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

If there’s something we know for sure, it’s that every frown can be turned upside down with a few furry friends. 

Offering a dog-walking service can be really helpful for those who have dogs as well as full-time jobs. 

Once the service has been offered a few times, it can be advertised around the neighborhood by leaving flyers with the charging rates. 

Again, if all goes well, this is something that can be offered every summer, and as long as they like animals, friends can get involved too! 

Errand-Running Service

Offering an errand-running service isn’t just a great way to make money, it’s a way to become the favorite kid in the neighborhood. 

These services can be offered to the elderly, offering to go to the bank, post office, and grocery store for them. 

While ‘tweens’ don’t have cars or know how to drive, they’ll have to make sure everything is within walking distance or a short bus ride away. 

This can be a very rewarding little business to start up, and is something that can be done during every holiday!  

business ideas for tween boys


For ‘tweens’ who enjoy playing with younger kids, they can offer some tutoring services.

This is not only a great way to help little ones develop their skills, but it’ll also help them brush up on what they themselves have learned at school. 

They can choose to help them with reading, numbers, arts and crafts, you name it! If all goes well, they could even start up a little daycare group where all kinds of activities are planned out for the kids while their parents are at work. 

This could end up igniting a spark to becoming a teacher or a youth worker. 

Final thoughts on summer business ideas for tween boys

Starting a little summer business for those who are of ‘tween’ age is a great way for them to develop key skills they’ll need later in life, such as team-building, leadership, and organizational skills. They will also learn project management and accounting skills too.

The advantages to having a summer business is a great tutorial and growth for kids.

It is also a great way to keep busy during the summer and can be really fun if a group of friends gets involved in it together.

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