September 2018 Blog Income Report and Product Announcement

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I can not believe another month has passed and I’m writing another blog income report. This month, however, it’s not just an income report, it’s a blog income report and product announcement! I am super excited about what I am announcing and can’t wait to hear back from you!

September 2018 brought so much clarity to my site and brand! I have been listening to Donald Miller’s book Building a Storybrand: Clarify your Message so Customers will Listen on Audible, and it has been helping me dig deep into my blog and business and what I want to do!


First, I just want you to know how thankful I am for Rosemarie Groner and Elite Blog Academy (EBA for short). If I hadn’t been on Rosemarie’s email list I wouldn’t have learned about Elite Blog Academy, click here to get on the waiting list. Without this course, I wouldn’t have a blog income report and product announcement!

For those that don’t know, EBA is a very extensive course that teaches you how to grow your blog from a hobby blog into a business or if you are like me start a brand new blog and learn to grow it to a business.

The point is you finish the course and when you are done, you have a blog that is a viable business.

If I hadn’t taken EBA, I would have never learned all I have in the last year and a half. I am so content and excited about the decision I made to purchase EBA when I did.

My blog is growing, my page views are increasing and I keep learning!

Also, EBA has opened my door to friendships that I am so thankful for. Everyone in the blogging community is so helpful and supportive. For that I am thankful.

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Blog Income Report and Product Announcement

EBA also talks about creating a product for your readers. I was totally hung up on that part and didn’t know what to create. So I started thinking about a service I could offer. Donald Miller’s book Building a Storybrand really helped me with this.

One of the things EBA did was open opportunities for me to follow other bloggers. I happened to get on Gina Horkey’s email list. Gina has several courses regarding being a virtual assistant.

Gina also partnered with Kristen to develop a course Becoming a Pinterest VA.

In September she and Kristen opened the doors to Become a Pinterest VA again and I signed up for the course so I could add that service to my blog! Check out my service page by clicking here!

I am so excited to tell you that I am offering this service through my website and you can check out my services by clicking this link.

If you are overwhelmed with Pinterest and driving traffic to your site, then take a look at my services, and maybe we can work together to help grow your business!

So why do I write these progress reports?

I write them so that people who are new to blogging can think about their journey and assess what they need to do in order to grow their business.

Inspiring people and to keep hope alive.

I write them so I can reflect on what is happening and so I can assess what needs to improve and what doesn’t.

I write them because eventually, someone will ask the question, how do I start my own blog?

This blog progress report and product announcement is the best yet. Blog traffic and income report and new blogging service.

September Stats:

Traffic: 781 pageviews, this is up from August. I am using the Pinning Perfect strategy and the last week of September my pageviews started to double. More on this in a bit.

Posts: 7 new bringing the total to 74 posts.

Income: 0 I made a few pennies on Adsense.

Email: 0 I didn’t increase my email list so I am going to reassess my opt-ins in November, or maybe December.


Let’s talk about this. My pageviews started growing quite consistently the last 10 days of September. It is so fun to watch when your pageviews just keep going up and up.

I have been following the Pinning Perfect strategy and I have also been using Carly’s strategy of pinning your top 15 pins in the evening.

If you remember in the spring I was using Boardbooster to drive traffic. I loved it. But things happened and Boardbooster is gone. So I learned a new strategy and it is working. You can learn about Pinning Perfect by clicking here.

I’m still using Tailwind and think it’s a great scheduling tool! It helps me not spam boards and keeps track of how many pins I am pinning everyday. You can click this link and get a free month to try it!

Additionally, I started running a couple of promoted pins. I wanted to see if I could earn some affiliate sales with a couple gift guides. What I wasn’t expecting was how that may affect my pageviews. I am really excited to see what else might happen in the next couple of months.


After moving and not writing much content all summer long, I knew this was the only way I was going to be able to grow my traffic again.

I sat down and wrote out 30 topics I wanted to write about. I outlined them and did keyword research. It’s so much simpler to write posts when you already have the outline and keyword research done.

I also introduced a new category on my blog. Moving. These 3 posts are my first in this new category. I won’t be adding any more categories to my blog from here on.

Moving Category:

How to Manage Emotional Stress while Moving
The best Negotiating Strategies to save money when moving
How these simple moving tips will save your budget

I didn’t have high expectations for income this month. Due to the fact that my traffic is way down and it’s slowly going back up.

As for Email, I was a little disappointed that this isn’t growing. I think I need to go back to the drawing board and figure out an amazing opt-in I can make for my readers.  Since I am listening to Building a Storybrand, it is helping me see what my readers may actually want!


The new services that I am offering have had me really busy! I have been creating my landing page and learning all about what I want to offer my clients. In this blog income report and product announcement post, it’s the first time I’m telling the world about my service!

On top of that, I have already gotten my first client and I am SO EXCITED about that!

If you think you need help with your Pinterest strategy or need someone to assess what you are doing, definitely look at my service page and send me an email! We need to connect so you can get the help you need!

No one said blogging would be easy but they all say it is worth it. This blog report talks about traffic strategies and a big announcement.

October Goals

My October goals are to finish the Become a Pinterest VA course and have my first client start. Regarding my blog, I was expecting to post 8 new posts this month.

I’m exploring more with promoted pins and between new content and promoted pins, I think my traffic will continue to increase!

In November I am going to focus on my email list and figure out something better for them.

Scrolling through?

There are a couple things you need to know about this blog income report and product announcement.

  1. Get on EBA’s waiting list now
  2. Check out my new services on my blog
  3. Pinning Perfect is the Pinterest strategy I’m using now.

Those are my top three for the month of September! Don’t forget to join my email list. I won’t be publishing these income reports forever. I don’t know when I will stop, but I know it will be soon.


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