The Savvy System Course Review: does it really work?

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As a work from home mom, a common question I am asked is how I got started as a virtual assistant. I wish I had a resource like The Savvy System Course when I was starting out. The thoughts in this article are my own opinions for The Savvy System Course review. 

I started my service based business as a virtual assistant back in 2015. My first client was a friend who has her own graphic design business who needed an assistant. Back then I had to learn how to find clients, how to market myself without any guidance. This course is the guide I wish I had seven years ago and when I watched the webinar that explained the course and how to be fully booked, I knew this would complete my business. You can watch the same webinar right now by clicking here!

The SavvySystem will teach you everything you need to know to start your business. It teaches you how to use the current skills you have and how to market them and yourself. The virtual assistant world is changing and companies are hiring freelancers to help with the work load.

The Future Looks Bright

The world is changing and working from home and creating a virtual assistant business has never been easier! This Savvy System course review will give you the confidence you need to start your own small business and you can trust that it is a legit course and not a scam.

I have a friend who is a VP in HR and she has been telling me for years the future for corporate looks like employers employing more contractors in their staff. Even Fobes published an article about it last year: Future looks bright for high-paying contract worker jobs. 

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Images of laptop computer with hands typing with text overlay that says The Savvy System: Does it really work? A Quick Review & absolutely I would buy again Launch your own business this week!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are individuals that can help you with your business and/or personal tasks. Virtual assistants are in high demand. They do everything from administrative work to helping with customer service and project management. Some other terminology for a a virtual assistant is VA, freelancer or contractor or remote.  

About ten years ago being a virtual assistant was just becoming a job. Small companies and start-ups often used them to get work done quickly and inexpensively since they generally work on contracts. As the world has evolved, a virtual assistant has evolved from being an assistant to being a specialized freelancer or a niched virtual assistant or contractor. 

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Who can be a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants can be anyone! You don’t need any special skills or experience to become one. In fact, if you’re willing and able then there’s money waiting for the taking.

The best part about being a virtual assistant? 

The time freedom. The main reason I wanted to be a virtual assistant was I didn’t want to sit in traffic for two hours a day commuting to and from work. I didn’t want to put my kids in day care. I wanted to be able to work less and get paid the same. As a freelancer, I have been able to achieve that goal.

If you are worried you won’t be able to find a client, don’t worry about this. I see job opportunities every day on the SavvySystem Facebook Community page. There are jobs for graphic design, email marketing, data entry, social media, and the list goes on. 

You can also search LinkedIn right now for “contractor” and you will see thousands of job listings for companies looking for a freelancer. Go do it, open another tab and check LinkedIn. 

The key to being a virtual assistant is knowing your skills, being confident in your skills which are your digital assets, and knowing how to sell your digital assets. If you need help with these, the Savvy System Facebook group is an excellent resource to ask for help. 

The SavvySystem Course Review

The SavvySystem is an amazing course that teaches you how to build your business from zero clients to scaling and having employees of your own. 

The course creator by Abby Ashley, started being a virtual assistant several years ago. Now she teaches people how to run their own amazing business from home.

I purchased the course in September of 2021 and dedicated time to quickly finished the course. Working quickly through the course gave me the confidence I needed and was able to secure a client within the first 30 days of purchase. There is a payment plan option to purchase the course which I used and meant I just needed 1 client to be able to pay for the course every month.

Some of my favorite action steps in the Savvy System course were, setting up my LLC, organizing all my contracts and systems, and creating a portfolio my clients could view. Prior to the course my business was pretty chaotic and I didn’t have very many systems set in place. 

What is in the course

The Savvy System is filled with 14 modules that teach you how to build a successful business. You can literally work on one module a month and at the end of 12 months, you would have the business of your dreams. Depending on what your goals are. My goal was to be able to have 3 clients in 90 days and I reached that goal within 60 days. 

I’m not going to tell you everything about each module. But every module is important to creating your business. Especially if your goal is to scale to a six figure business.

Here is a quick look at the modules:

  1. Welcome – Abby does an excellent job in setting expectations for her students, and she goes over the VA Template Vault (worth every single dollar of the course!).
  2. Discover your skillset – In this module Abby teaches you how to figure out what services you can offer RIGHT NOW! 
  3. Pricing and Packages – This module allows you to settle on your pricing and helps you figure out how to package the services you decided on in module 2.
  4. Branding Academy – This module teaches you a little about branding and helps you create your brand logo and colors.
  5. Processes and Assets – This module can be challenging, but do the work, you will never regret it.
  6. Payments, Invoicing, and Taxes– This is an excellent module on getting your financial house in order. There also is a bonus module on taxes which is the bomb-digity of trainings!
  7. Legalities– This is all about your contracts and proposals. 
  8. Marketing 101– Create a marketing plan and organizing your leads.
  9. The ultimate marketing plan – All about finding clients and where to find them.
  10. Web development 101 – I skipped this module, but it’s all about setting up your website.
  11. The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle – Creating the work life balance of your dreams
  12. Raising your prices – Transitioning to working with high end clients.
  13. Building a team – All about sub-contracting and hiring your first team member
  14. What’s next – I honestly haven’t watched this lesson. I haven’t decided if I want to scale to an agency or not.


  • The VA Tool Box– Contracts, forms and letters, everything you need to start your business
  • Sky Rocket your Income Using LinkedIn Training
  • The VA Template Vault – Email templates and portfolio templates and every letter imaginable you need to send to your client.
  • Savvy your Site– Need a website? You will learn how to make one with this tutorial.
Image os computer with hands typing with text overlay that says the savvy system course review: does it really work?

Active Facebook Group

Be sure and join the Facebook group. That is the best resource to add to this Savvy System course review. The Facebook group is so helpful.

The vibe in the group is that of peers helping each other learn and grow and succeed together. We celebrate wins in the group and we support each other when running a business is overwhelming. (It’s hard to beleive such a nice place is on Facebook.) Abby and her team are also in the group answering questions and monitoring.

The bonuses are AH MAZ ING. I have used the LinkedIn training and the ToolBox and the Templates. They are so helpful and they make it easy to create the systems your need for your business. I didn’t use the website training because I already have a website and knew how to set that up.

The LinkedIn training is fantastic. If you implement all the steps you will have a new client super fast! When I was ready to focus on LinkedIn, I had a client within a couple weeks.

How much does the SavvySystem cost?

I have heard that some people feel the price of the course is too high. But honestly I think the price is perfect! Abby Ashley takes you step by step and lays it out on how to create a business as a freelancer or virtual assistant. 

You could start and run your business with just the first 10 modules or even the first 6, but the fact that she includes a mudules on how to scale makes it a full service course. You don’t have to go out and purchase the next step when you are ready to scale. 

Additionally, the Facebook group is really active. The students are in there helping each other. There are job postings every day from people actively looking to hire.There are also weekly trainings and monthly coaching calls. 

If you are still unsettled about the price, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. 

What about the Savvy Vault?

You can upgrade your purchase with the Savvy Vault. It has TONS of trainings on technology and will help you refine your skills. If you are worried your skills aren’t good enough or need to be refined then I would highly recommend upgrading. The trainings I have experienced with Abby and her team have been spot on. They always are thorough and explain all the details and I always leave them feeling more confident in my knowledge and skills.

The price of the SavvySystem is $1497 or you can upgrade and get life time access to Savvy Vault for $2997

If you know that you this is the course for you, then click this link here and sign up for the webinar. By signing up you will get more information and Abby Ashley has lots of bonuses she will send you. (Insert smile emoji) So Join the email list!!!

Would I buy it again?

I purchased Savvy System course with a different intention than if I was just starting out. Since I had already been a virtual assistant for many years and I had a successful Pinterest Management business, I purchased the course because I thought I was looking to pivot from Pinterest. With that in mind I would absolutely buy this course again. I would also buy this course if I was looking for a change in my career and work life balance.

The tools, templates, trainings and the step by step teaching of how to start your service based business sets you up to have a fully functional business. This isn’t your direct sales job where you are pestering your friends and family to host a party so you can sell stuff to earn a commission.

As a virtual assistant or a freelancer, you do actual work. You have clients who rely on you and you also have perks like deciding how many hours a week you want to work, or where you want to work or when you want to work. 

I have been a virtual assistant since 2015 and this course is the guide I wish I had back then. If you want to create a plan and are anxious to take action and change your life today, then absolutely you need to click this link and sign up today. 

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