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How to Post Videos on Pinterest

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We all know and love Pinterest for how it allows you to create your own personal boards through posting static pins. This post will give you all the instructions you need to post videos to Pinterest. Because why shouldn’t video be available everywhere?

These pins can be pictures of quotes, landscapes or outfits for example that can be shared and saved onto your profile for any visitors to see.

How to Post Videos on Pinterest

It is not just images that can be saved however, videos can also be posted although this is done through a slightly different method.

This feature was actually entirely absent from Pinterest for a good while but now it is finally available and can be done by scrolling and clicking through a few menus.

It can take a bit of setting up and profile configuration to finally be able to post a video, however it can be well worth it in the end when you have the feature ready to use for uploads in the future.

Not to mention short videos are an excellent way to liven up a board and make it more visually appealing and intriguing.

For the fastest way to upload a video to Pinterest, here is a step by step guide so you can start recording.  

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Pinterest business account

Unfortunately videos cannot be uploaded by regular users, but only by those with a Pinterest business account.

A business account is a bit different to a regular account as it grants you access to many more marketing tools, including uploading and editing videos. 

With a business account you can slo view how many impressions your profile pins have been making, what content is performing the best and how much traffic it’s producing so you can have much more control over the analytical side of Pinterest. 

The good news is that signing up for a Pinterest business account is completely free, and better yet, you can even convert your regular account into a business account.

This way, you can carry over any saved pins and boards already uploaded onto your profile, and will be able to upload videos as an added bonus. 

Work From Home Tools

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Video Kit

Finally, Pinterest only allows the uploading of videos between 20 and 40 seconds, so make sure the video you want to upload is snappy and to the point, or if not consider cutting it down a little so it can fit. 

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Post with instructions on how to post a video to Pinterest.

Post videos on Pinterest

Method 1 – Android And iOS

The way to upload a video is slightly different for mobile and desktop devices, here is the quickest way to upload a video when using a mobile device. 

Step 1 – Open Pinterest 

Start by opening up the Pinterest app on your mobile device.

Step 2 – Sign in 

You’ll want to open a Pinterest business account and sign into that account. 

Step 3 – Go Onto Account

Next you will actually want to enter your profile, on mobile this can be done by pressing on the picture icon at the bottom right of the toolbar with a blank portrait. 

Step 4 – Create Pin

When on your Pinterest account a ‘+’ icon will be directly below. Press on this and you will have the option to create a pin or board, press ‘Pin’. 

Step 5 – Choose video

A list of photos will pop up to upload along with videos. Simply click on the video you want to post and choose the board you would like to attach it to.

Method 2 – Desktop 

Uploading a video is much the same on a desktop however some icons and menus can look slightly different.

Step 1 – Go Onto Profile

Start by logging in with your new business account. Once you arrive on the main home page, look at the top right of the screen to see your profile icon, click on this to bring you to your profile page with all your boards.

Step 2 – Create Pin

In the top right corner near the notifications bell will be a ‘+’ icon, click on this and two options will appear. Click the ‘Create pin’ option.

Step 3 – Choose Video

The next screen will have a few new options and a big blank portrait to the left asking you to drag and drop a video.

Either drag and drop or simply click on this portrait to scroll through your computer files and find the video you wish to upload. 

Depending on the file size this can sometimes take a few moments to upload.

Step 4 – Attach To A Board 

Next, you’ll need to choose a board for your video. Consider the board the video’s home on Pinterest.

Pick the one that fits the video most closely relates to it and the process will be all done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Videos Perform The Best On Pinterest?

This is a common question amongst Pinterest users who use the app for business purposes such as advertising and guiding traffic to a website. However it is a good idea for any user to know exactly what kinds of videos get the most attention on the platform.

The general rule is the shorter the video the better, people are more inclined to watch something that will take up barely any of their time, but that can then engage them once they start watching.

For DIY projects for example a quick brief 10 second video on how to build or set a construction up along with a link to your website at the end is perfect for grabbing users attention whilst still giving them enough content to hang onto.

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This post explains how to post a video on Pinterest

Post a video on Pinterest summary

While it can take some configuration and dipping into the settings of Pinterest to make available, uploading videos can finally be done on Pinterest to spice up a board of your choice.

Pinterest users have been pleading for this feature to be added for quite a few years and now that it’s here, it’s worth setting up so that you can have the feature ready for the future and have fun mix matching videos with any boards of your choosing.

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