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How To Organize your Life with a Notebook

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Life for a lot of people can be hectic whether that be with work, looking after the kids or getting school assignments in on time. Many people struggle to figure out a way to manage or organize their life. This post will teach you how to organize your life with a notebook.

After a while of juggling so many responsibilities and can become tiring and your moment will most likely become clustered with thoughts.

It is very easy to become overwhelmed and this is not good for anyone’s mental state, however there is an easy way to help organize your life. All it takes is a notebook.

The Benefits to organize your life with a notebook

Notebooks should be considered more than just a piece of paper used to write down notes and reminders.

Anyone is able to transform a notebook to become their own personal life organizer and it is very easy to do so.

There are many benefits of using a notebook. A notebook allows you to set out everything clustering your mind into one place, it connects you to your goals, this is something you can take anywhere with you, and you can choose to have either a digital or physical notebook (whatever suits you best!).

The biggest benefit to top all of these, however, is the massive improvement it will do for your mental health.

Having too many thoughts and things to remember can cause a person to develop illnesses such as anxiety or depression.

A notebook will finally allow a person to have an organized state of mind.

How to organize your lif with a notebook

How To Organize Your Life With A Notebook

Using a notebook to organize your life is not only beneficial but is very easy to do.

In this section, we will be guiding you through how you can use a notebook to help with organization.

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Set Up Goals

A great way to use your notebook is to set up a list of goals. It is normal for us to have plenty of goals in our minds, yet we can’t truly grab hold of them.

By writing them doing, those goals will be able to become a reality.

These goals don’t need to be long-term either so you shouldn’t feel any pressure.

Whether that goal is something as simple as taking a few hours away from the work desk to go outside for a walk or as extreme as finally having the courage to go rock-climbing, every goal on that list is valid.

Always Make A List

People seem to not understand the importance of lists. They complain and say that they don’t need a list when they have everything stored in their head, yet these are the people who suffer the most with stress.

By writing down a simple list of things you need to do, you will find that your life will become less hectic, and that stress will go down completely.

It is important not to skip out on anything even if you believe that task to be insignificant. When it comes to planning in a notebook, everything is significant.

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Ticking Items Off The List

A notebook is much more than writing things down – you have to be able to complete tasks too. For many, this is the hard part of using a notebook however it needs to be down.

Don’t look at completing tasks as boring. With ticking off items, you are free to make this a fun activity.

Use different colored highlighters or bright gel pens to mark off items. Get enjoyment out of your small achievements.

Incorporate Dates And Times

Incorporate Dates And Times

Some notebook users find it helpful to go the extra mile and write down the date and times of when they want to complete a task by, and this can start from as simple as waking up in the morning.

By setting timestamps for every task, you will know that nothing will get missed out.

This method is particularly useful for those who have a very busy schedule or need that extra help to complete their daily tasks.

Use More Than One Notebook

Instead of throwing all your thoughts into one notebook, you can instead use more than one to separate different waves of life.

For instance, you may have lots to write down which is work related yet you have things you would like to do for yourself for leisure.

Your notebook may become too cluttered writing all these down so having separate notebooks will work best.

Separate them based on work, study, leisure, or anything else. This will help to keep your life organized.

Ways To Keep Yourself Organized

Aside from using a notebook, It is important to change other aspects of your life in order for this method to work.

It is easy to become unorganized when you are distracted by other things, so it is up to you to make these small changes in order to better yourself.

Social Media

Social media is addictive and very distractive. We may say that we just want to check one notification but then before you know it you are scrolling through TikTok for hours and looking at memes on Facebook.

With a notebook to organize your life, you have to be able to only focus on your main tasks. Reducing your use of social media will be very beneficial as you will stay focused.


When was the last time you picked up a book? Surprisingly, a large chunk of the population has not read since school, however it is about time this changed.

Reading is not only fun but allows a person to clear their mind of all stress and tasks.

Instead of having your head clustered with thoughts, pick up a book. You will find that reading will help you in the long run to become more organized.

Final Thoughts on Organizing your Life with a Notebook

Whilst life can be hard, there is always an opportunity to get your life organized and the best way to achieve that is through the use of a notebook.

Notebooks are great for getting your life together and what is more is that you can make it completely unique. By using a notebook, you will see a change in your organization.

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