How To Organize Cleaning Supplies like a Pro

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How do you organize cleaning supplies? Are they organized or scattered around the house? If you don’t have a good system, you might be wasting precious time looking for things to carry out basic tasks.

To ensure that you always have access to your cleaning supplies, you should create a system that keeps them organized to save you time, and ensure that you always have the tools you need to hand in.

Fortunately for you, that is exactly what we have put together – read on for all you need to know to get your cleaning cupboard in perfect shape!

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Organize Cleaning Supplies tips and tricks

  • Organize An Everyday Supply Caddy

You can use an everyday supply caddy to keep all of your cleaning products neatly stored away, and this should include at least one of the items you use each and every day.

This is also a good way to build up your inventory; a basic cleaning caddy should include:

  • A sponge
  • Cloths for cleaning
  • Cloths for drying and polishing
  • A mop and bucket with a lid
  • A bottle of cleaner
  • A bottle of disinfectant

This is a very basic list – your exact list will depend on your home and the tools that you prefer to use.

By having everything in place, however, you increase your chances of cleaning successfully, as there is no need to keep running up and down to find the things you need.

  • Use a Shoe Holder As Storage

If you are short of space, then make use of a simple over-the-door shoe holder. As the name suggests, these are designed to hand over your door, and will not take up any excess floor space.

These holders come with small pockets for shoes – and these can also be used to store sprays, bottles, and wipes.

You can have one holder in a dedicated cleaning cupboard, or even use a different holder for the different spaces in your home, depending on your preferences.

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  • Make Sure That Your Cleaning Products Are Stored Safely

It is important to make sure that your cleaning products are kept safely, especially if you have young children who may accidentally knock over containers while playing.

It is best to store your cleaning products in a cabinet or closet where they cannot be accessed by little fingers or curious pets.

  • Have Portable Cleaning Basket

In addition to a dedicated space where all of your main cleaning items are stored, you should also consider investing in a portable cleaning basket.

These will have the items that you need for the day’s cleaning, but in a basket that you can simply pick up and transport from room to room as desired – this eliminates the need to be constantly running up and down the stairs or from room to room and will speed up the whole cleaning process.

  • Make The Most of Space Inside Cupboards

While it is important to have a dedicated area for storing cleaning products, you should also try to maximize the space inside your cupboards.

For example, if you have a large cupboard, consider adding shelves along the back, allowing you to store your cleaning products neatly, and ensuring that you can access everything as needed.

You can also add hooks to the doors to secure brooms, dustpans, and cleaning rags – this will ensure that you have everything you need to hand without having to rummage through the closet.

  • Add A Tension Rod Under Your Sink

A tension rod is a super simple solution that can make a tremendous difference – all you need to do is attach it to the underside of your sink, and you can use it to hang spray bottles and clothes for fast, easy access.

  • Give Everything A Place

A big part of remaining organized is ensuring that everything has a place to live – and this includes your cleaning supplies.

If you have a dedicated cleaning cupboard or shelf, then make sure that you have everything you need for each task in its own spot.

If you don’t have a dedicated area, then think about using drawers or shelves instead, which will allow you to easily see what’s needed at any given time.

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  • And Make Sure It Is Labeled

If you want to keep things neater, then make sure that everything has a label attached to it.

This Is particularly useful for items that have been decanted or stored in a different container; you will be able to see what you have at a glance.

Not only is this more convenient, but it is also a safer option that reduces the risk of a mix-up with potentially dangerous chemicals and products.

  • Keep Inventory Of What You Have

Keeping an inventory of what you have on hand can help you avoid wasting money and materials when you run out of something, and avoids the “just in case” purchase in the supermarket – only to come home and realize you have three of the same product already. 

You can keep an inventory of your cleaning supplies by keeping a list on the door or wall of your cleaning cupboard or area – a white board is an even better option or checklist.

Then, when you run out of something, pop it on the board, and always check this before you head out for the weekly shop – this is a great way to save both time and money and keeps your space organized with things you need.

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How to organize your cleaning supplies

Final Thoughts on organizing cleaning supplies

Organizing your cleaning supplies is the first step to a neat, tidy, and organized house, and is super important for helping you to keep on top of things – we all want a life with less stress! By following our top tips, you will always be able to find the things that you need, and keeping your house clean, neat, and tidy will be as painless and stress-free as possible.

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