How To Organize a Bathroom Closet

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It’s super easy for things to get lost in a disorganized closet, but trying to re-organize your space can seem like a huge, daunting task. However, with a little bit of time, the correct storage tools, and some gumption you’ll organize a bathroom closet.

How To Organize A Bathroom Closet

If you want to organize your bathroom closet but you’re not sure where to start or what’s the best way to organize your stuff, then this is the place for you.

We are going to go step by step through the process so you can set up your own plan when the time comes to completely re-organize all of your bathroom clutter. This way, everything will have a place and you will be able to find everything you need in your bathroom closet! So, let’s start! 

Tips to Organize a Bathroom Closet

Decide What To Trash And What To Keep

There’s a few things you need to do before you can start thinking about what goes where in your bathroom closet – including what you even plan on keeping! 

A lot of junk can build up in your bathroom closet so the first thing you need to do is to empty it completely. This will allow you see how much room you have to work with plus you can use this opportunity to go through all the stuff in your bathroom closet to throw out any junk or unnecessary items. 

Here, you should throw out anything that is beyond its use by date (sun lotion, medicine), anything that is broken or unusable, or any linens that need to be cleaned or replaced. This way, you can limit the stuff you have to put back in the closet and stop yourself from hoarding items that you either never use or can’t. 

Also, while your closet is empty, you can give it a clean with either a duster or some disinfecting wipes (depending on the material your closet uses for its shelving). Once that’s all done, you should be left with a nice, empty closet that is clean, and a big pile of items ready to be reorganized! 

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Divide Your Bathroom Closet Items

This is probably one of the most daunting tasks to do when it comes to reorganizing your bathroom closet – going through each item one by one and grouping them together with other similar items. Some things are easy. Towels go with towels, toilet paper with toilet paper, etc. 

However, you can soon find that you end up with a lot of different categories because of how much stuff you keep in your bathroom closet.

It’s worth considering if you have room to store the items elsewhere such as a medicine cabinet above your sink for any medication like painkillers or antihistamines. So, here are a few categories you can think about trying out and where in your cabinet you should store them: 


This section will include all your electronics and appliances that you usually use in the bathroom. This can range from your hairdryer, straighteners, shavers, humidifiers, air fresheners, and so on. The larger items that aren’t used as often, that can all be bundled together in a basket and put up on a higher shelf. 

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This category includes boxes of any kind of pills or medication that you need to use including painkillers, antihistamines, laxatives, contraceptive pills, and more.

Due to safety reasons, you should make sure that these are kept high up and out of the way of any pets or children. Because of how small the bottles usually are, they can be stacked neatly or placed in a small sealed container to help keep them safe and secure. 


We all need a place to store our clean towels and the bathroom closet is the perfect place. So, gather all of your clean towels, fold them neatly, and place them neatly on a shelf. We recommend putting them up higher since they aren’t fragile.

This is because towels are usually the lightest object in the closet so if they fall out, they are unlikely to break or cause harm. This category can also include hand towels, flannels and any kind of linens you keep in your bathroom closet. 

Toilet Paper

This is an easy one. We all need somewhere to keep our toilet paper but stacking them one by one by the toilet itself can be a bit of an eyesore. So, it’s best to stack them at the bottom of the closet or store them in a basket where they can easily be reached by any guests. 

First Aid Supplies 

Most of us forget to stock our home with some basic first aid supplies like bandages, band-aids, safety scissors and so on. However, it’s a good idea to have an emergency first aid kit in your bathroom (and perhaps your kitchen too!). This can be stored side by side with your medicine. 

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This category will include your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and any other supplies you keep for your personal hygiene. If you like to stock up so you are never caught out, then neatly arrange all of your bottles together on a middle shelf where you can easily grab them and see them so you never forget if you already have some soap at home.

Here, you can also store things like hand soap, hair brushes, toothpaste, dental floss. Feminine hygiene products like pads or tampons can also be stored here. 

Pet Supplies

Some of us like to keep our pet supplies (like dog shampoo or kitty litter) in our bathrooms but it’s important that you don’t store these products alongside your own toiletries. They deserve their own shelf, or their own basket to keep them separated. 

Final Tips to Organize a Bathroom Closet

So, those are the basic steps you can take to organize a bathroom closet! Although this may take some time, it’s important to follow the above steps and keep a few tricks in mind. 

Try placing the things you use the most towards the middle and lower part of the closet so they are easy to reach. You may also want to put the lighter objects towards the top of the shelving so they cause less damage if they ever fall out. Also, baskets and containers are a great way to help store loose items easily in your bathroom closet but they are not a huge necessity.

If you do want to use baskets or containers, then make sure they fit into your closet before you purchase them so you may want to take some measurements of your bathroom closet first! Keep these tips in mind when reorganizing your bathroom closet and you will have it done in no time!

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