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My First Blog Traffic and Income Report

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September 2017 Blog Stats and Income Report

You read the title correctly! Yes, I am writing my first blog traffic and income report. I can hardly believe I have an income to report!

Some of you may be wondering why I would want to publish my income. There are several reasons. In the blogging industry, bloggers publish their income and traffic reports to inspire other bloggers, or people who may want to learn how to blog.

Before I started my blog, I read income report after income report. Some of the bloggers, I would follow and go back to their websites and re-read them. I found myself thinking about blogging and I have decided I will do it for a year, maybe a little longer, maybe till December 2018. Then see where I am then.


Why publish the report?

Simply to inspire those who are thinking of starting a blog. There are hundreds of blog income reports published. You can type in Blog Income Report in Pinterest and see all of them. These income reports drew me in and made me start thinking that I could do that too!


I started my blog for several reasons.

  1. To Inspire others to pursue their passion.
  2. For myself, because I needed a creative outlet.
  3. To earn an income.


Those are my 3 main reasons for starting this blog. My favorite part of the blog is to watch myself grow and learn. The blogging world is not easy, and it takes way more time than one would think to bring 1 post to completion. I find blogging to be so rewarding. The community of bloggers is very supportive as well. We all work together to help each other learn. If you have ever thought of starting a blog, you should read this post I wrote on How to Start a blog.

My First Blog Income and Traffic Report

So here are my stats


In September I launched my blog about halfway through the month. I had 20 posts up on the blog the day I told all my friends and family about it. I wrote a Facebook post sharing with them what I have been working on in secret. Some of my friends knew, but more did not. The comments were all very supportive and wonderful, considering I was scared to death sharing it with them. Prior to sharing with them, my page views were small, around 100 a month and no income.


Earnings in September

Google Adsense: $ 3.22

Amazon: $3.37


My total is $6.59. That’s enough for me to treat my family to ice cream or buy myself a fancy coffee. There are 2 ways I can report income from a blog. I can report income by when it is received or, I can report income as it is earned. Amazon will not pay out until I earn $10. Google Adsense will not pay me until I have earned $100. So I have this money sitting in my account with Amazon and Google. 


Hosting: Paid for 2 years last year. I don’t have to renew that till 2019.

Domain: Paid for 2 years

Tailwind: Free Trial ends in November then will be $9.99/mo. Tailwind is totally worth every penny! Tailwind is a scheduling app that allows me to schedule when my pins are pinned on Pinterest.

iMark Interactive: $47. This is my IT guy who helps me keep my blog in order. I am incredibly thankful for him. All things technical he takes care of. If it’s something I don’t understand, I can ask him and he helps me figure it out. He also makes sure my blog is backed up and protected.


Page views

I know as a blogger I am not supposed to worry about page views and only worry about content and reaching my people. However, as a new blogger it is something I have found I just can’t help but watch. It get so excited when I login and see that I have had 20 page views in 24 hours. Also, advertising income relies heavily on page views, so it’s a catch 22. Right now, this is the only tool I can actually use to measure how my blog is doing.

My page views have been consistently going up each day. During the month of August, I started using Tailwind to drive traffic to my blog. I love being able to schedule my pins on Pinterest and see traffic start to grow.


September Monthly Page views: 448 Almost 500! 


Best day: 191 This is the day I shared with my friends! So exciting!


Hours worked: roughly 20 hours a week.


I have been consistently working on my blog 3-4 hours a day. Yes, you read that correctly! A typical blog post takes about 4 hours to make it publish worthy. And sometimes even then, I go back and read it and it has some MAJOR errors. I am working on shortening that time. I would love to have it down to 2 hours start to finish. In time I sure that will come. I generally only work on the blog Monday-Friday. I want to have the weekends to focus on the kids and everything else that is going on. Plus, growing a business is long and hard work.


Overall, I think this is a great start to my blogs future. There isn’t a lot of income to report, but I have been increasing page views and my email list is growing.


My Goals for October:


Write 2 blog posts a week

Finish Unit 7 in Elite Blog Academy

Apply for 3 sponsored posts


My biggest regret


I wish I had stuck to blogging when I started my first blog in 2012. I just didn’t do enough research then to figure it out. Now, there is so much information on how to start a blog, how to monetize it, to being able to follow a blogger’s journey from blog income reports.

I honestly feel like this is the job I should have been doing all along. I love blogging and I feel like it is something everyone should try once. Kind of like being a server in a restaurant, I feel like everyone should do that once in their life so they know how the server feels. If you have ever thought about starting a blog, I have a great post on how to start a blog. I also wrote this post on my first 30 days blogging and what I actually accomplished.


My First Blog Income and Traffic Report.
First Blog Income and Traffic Report

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  1. Hi there,
    Congratulations on posting your blog income report. Sharing your blogging journey is a great way to reach out to other new bloggers. We all have to start somehwere!

  2. Yay! Congrats. I launched last month too but on the 22nd. Looking forward to making something soon as well! Would you recommend Tailwind over Boardbooster?

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