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Month 2 Blogging, Changes, Traffic and Income Report

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October 2017 Blog Stats and Income Report

I can’t believe my second month of blogging is over! And, I am writing my second blog income report. When I started my blog a year ago, it was only a creative outlet. Now, I am watching it grow and I never thought I would be so excited over page views.

October was a month of change for me. I wasn’t expecting to make some of the changes, and you’ll see what I did in a moment. All these changes are for the better for me and my view on blogging.

Why publish the report?


Simply to inspire those who are thinking of starting a blog. There are hundreds of blog income reports published. You can type in Blog Income Report in Pinterest and see all of them. These income reports drew me in and made me start thinking that I could do that too!


I started my blog for several reasons.

  1. To Inspire others to pursue their passion.
  2. For myself, because I needed a creative outlet.
  3. To earn an income.


Those are my 3 main reasons for starting this blog. My favorite part of the blog is to watch myself grow and learn. The blogging world is not easy, and it takes way more time than one would think to bring 1 post to completion. Despite the time commitment, I find blogging to be so rewarding. In October I wrote a post about why I am so Thankful for my Blog, you can read it by clicking here. The community of bloggers is very supportive as well. We all work together to help each other learn. If you have ever thought of starting a blog, you should read this post I wrote on How to Start a blog.

Or click the form below for a free printable on how to start a blog!

So here are my stats


In October, I had a shift in thinking. I took a course called Sticky Blogging. It is fabulous! I am 3 weeks into the 4 week course. It is all on line and it teaches how to write a better blog post. So I jumped on it and decided the benefits from the course out weighed the cost of the course.


During the first week of class, I made some changes to my goals, They are:

  • 1 post a week so I could really hone my skills in writing.
  • Email List, start to grow it.
  • Rebranding

These 3 tasks were enough for me to focus on for the month of October. Besides Sticky Blogging, I am also signed up for a course called List Love. It is all about growing your email list. I personally need some help in this area and plan to finish that course in November.


Now on to the money



Google Adsense: $ .72 bringing my total to $3.92

Amazon: $2.39 bringing my total at Amazon to $4.89


My total for October is $3.11, grand total is $8.81. Since I shifted my thinking and didn’t post as much, I knew my earnings would be down.

Both Google AdSense and Amazon don’t pay out until you reach a certain threshold. So I will just keep chugging along.



Hosting through Bluehost: Paid for 2 years last year. I don’t have to renew that till 2019.

Domain: $11.99 I bought a new domain name, Sticky Note Mom since I am rebranding. 

Tailwind: Free Trial ends in November then will be $9.99/mo. Tailwind is totally worth every penny!

iMark Interactive: $47. This is my IT guy who helps me keep my blog in order. I am incredibly thankful for him. All things technical he takes care of. He has been so helpful with helping me rebrand and get my new domain running.


My page views have been consistently going up each day. During the month of August I started using Tailwind to help drive traffic to my blog. I love being able to schedule my pins on Pinterest and see traffic start to grow.

During the month of October, I started using Boardbooster to see if there would be a difference in my page views.

I also allowed my scheduled que in Tailwind to go to zero. I wanted to see if there would be any difference and there was! At the beginning of the month my traffic was totally increasing. Both Boardbooster and Tailwind were working together and my traffic was growing. Then as Tailwind dwindled, my page views also decreased.

I contribute that to the fact that I must have been pinning twice as many pins each day with both scheduling tools working.

Sharing my content on Facebook was also something I had stopped doing. Which I think impacted my pageviews as well. So the last week of October I shared some posts in various groups and my pageviews those days were the highest of the month!

For November I am totally going to use both Boardbooster and Tailwind together and grow my pageviews that way.

October Monthly Pageviews: 300


Best day: 39


Hours worked: roughly 20 hours a week.


I have been consistently working on my blog 3-4 hours a day. Yes, you read that correctly! A typical blog post takes about 4 hours to make it publish worthy. And sometimes even then, I go back and read it and it has some MAJOR errors. I am working on shortening that time. I would love to have it down to 2 hours start to finish. In time I’m sure that will come. I generally only work on the blog Monday-Friday. I want to have the weekends to focus on my husband who travels during the week and have some good quality time and everything else that is going on. Plus, growing a business is long and hard work.


Overall, I think this is a great start to my blogs future. There isn’t a lot of income to report, but I have been increasing page views and my email list is growing.


My Goals for October:


Write 2 blog posts a week- This changed mid month to 1 post a week.

Finish Unit 7 in Elite Blog Academy– I decided I would focus on content and traffic through the New Year. Elite Blog Academy is the course that has taught me everything about blogging. It helped me figure out the name of my blog, how to structure a blog, and how to take my blog from a hobby to a business. If you are thinking of taking a class on blogging, this is the class to take! You can get on the waiting list by clicking here. It is only open for enrollment once a year but get on the waiting list so you know exactly when it is open!

Apply for 3 sponsored posts- This is getting bumped to January.


New Goals for November:


Publish 1 post a week

Use both Scheduling tools

Finish Sticky Blogging

Focus on Growing my email list


My biggest regret


In October, I don’t really have any regrets regarding blogging. Regrets regarding Motherhood, well… that’s a conversation for another day. Allowing myself to shift and not be so rigid in an editorial calendar has been so relieving. When I told you last month that it take a ton of work to publish 1 post, I meant it! Realizing I couldn’t do all things and allowing myself the grace to accept that has been wonderful.


Overall, I think October was a success! I published 3 new posts. My pageviews were pretty stable and I hardly did anything. The best part of October was that I was able to take a step back and realize that I am going to have a really good foundation for my blog to grow. That is the best part of October. I am looking forward to November and watching my pageviews grow and hopefully my income!

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