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How to save time grocery shopping

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Do you find that grocery shopping takes a boatload of time? I have been brainstorming how to save time grocery shopping for a few months.

The grocery shopping part is what I loathe! Going to the store, shopping and checking out, loading in the car and then coming home with it all. It drives me ca-ra-zy! I have been experimenting with ways to save time grocery shopping.

With Amazon bringing the stores straight to our door, I have learned there are other ways to bring groceries straight to my door. There are several services that I prefer. Instacart and Shipt. I have tried the pick up at WalMart and Target. But I hands down LOVE having my groceries delivered to my door.

Meal planning and grocery shopping have become my least favorite part of the week. I decided to take control and save time grocery shopping with this awesome trick! #groceryshopping #mealplanning #savetime

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Save time grocery shopping

I have started making my list a couple days before I need them. I add the items to the list and I have them delivered to my home shortly after I return from dropping the boys at school. So around 8:30 A.M. I am putting groceries away.

Then I just have to decide what we are having for dinner. It’s a lifesaver having all the ingredients for the meal already in the house. I rarely forget an item because as I’m making my list I am going through the ingredient list for the recipe at the same time so I know what I do or do not need.

Spend less

Since I am not going into the actual store, I am spending way less money. All those impulse buys are gone. I’m not bringing home an extra 3 bags of chips or a box of donuts just because I couldn’t make the decision on them while I was at the store. Oh, and those donuts are for me because… carbs!

Free Delivery

Some stores are offering to deliver your groceries for FREE! I mean how is this not the best thing ever! They want to deliver the groceries to you. That is a win-win in my book!

Small service fee

You can also use Instacart or Shipt and they charge a small fee. You can click through my links for either and we can each get some free groceries! This is my Instacart link. This is my Shipt link. I prefer Instacart or Shipt because I am not a fan of Walmart. So I usually shop at Publix, Aldi or Costco. Instacart works at 2 of those stores and Shipt works at 2 of them too.

I consider this small monthly fee nominable compared to the number of extras I would have bought had I walked into Costco and tried all their samples and walked out with those in my cart too.

Keeps us on track

Since I have been using the delivery services, I save time grocery shopping, but it also keeps us on track with our healthier eating. The temptation to eat all the goodies is gone since I’m not at the store looking at the cookies, cakes, snacks and other items that I find I tend to spontaneously purchase when I walk into the store.

Meal Plan

To make it easier, I do create a meal plan. The meal plan gives me direction for what to order and how much to order. Meal planning also saves me time later in the week when I am getting ready to prepare dinner.


Yes, you can still use your coupons with the grocery delivery. I recommend that you do use coupons. Even if it is $.30, it’s still money saved!

Break it down

The only bad thing about having your groceries delivered is the initial time it takes to get used to the platform. Every one of them is different. My first time it took me nearly 45 minutes to place my order. Mainly because I decided last minute this is what I was going to do so I was creating a menu plan at the same time.

Get the husband on board

My husband got on board when I told him that I needed to be able to order groceries so I could continue to take on more clients and grow my business. Since he travels every week and I am the main person who grocery shops it is easier if I can just order the groceries and have them delivered when the time is convenient for me. He agrees that it does save time grocery shopping.


We all have the same 24 hours in a day. When you are a solo parent half the time, having the groceries delivered is a life saver. It saves me so much time and the added bonus is that it is starting to save us money too. Having that extra hour in my week where I am not at the grocery store gives me an hour to play with the kids, sleep a little longer or an hour to work a little longer.

Try it

I highly recommend you try one of the services. As I mentioned above you can try InstaCart or Shipt with my links. Just click through and we will both get some free groceries!

I would love to hear if you try the service or if you order your groceries and pick them up. Isn’t it life changing?! Sign up for my email list and send me a quick note to let me know! Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

Meal planning and grocery shopping have become my least favorite part of the week. I decided to take control and save time grocery shopping. This has changed my life! #groceryshopping #mealplanning #groceries

Meal planning and grocery shopping have become my least favorite part of the week. I decided to take control and save time grocery shopping, it has changed my life! #groceryshopping #mealplanning #savetime





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