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How to save money and time with dryer balls

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The strangest thing happened to me a few years ago. I found myself sneezing all day long and I couldn’t figure out why. While I was at a friends house she was telling me how she uses dryer balls since her kid is allergic to so many chemicals. She quickly told me how they help her save money and time with dryer balls.

Since I do the majority of the shopping, I am always overwhelmed by how much cleaning agents are. The cost of laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, and everything to keep a house clean is really quite costly. Then we started talking about other solutions to dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

About 4 years ago I started having a hard time breathing when I was using dryer sheets. I would throw one in the wash with my clothes but the stuff on them stayed on my hands. So I would touch my face and then I would be breathing that stuff in all day long.

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That’s when I started researching other ways to keep fabrics softer. I came across dryer balls through another friend. She told me her daughter was allergic to fabric softeners and they used dryer balls. She told me they also helped to cut down on the time in the dryer.

That’s when I started looking into dryer balls. I purchased a set from Norwex, but then I found some awesome ones on Amazon. These are the dryer balls I bought on Amazon called Everyday Willow Wool Dryer Balls. I love the colors and I bought a set of plain white ones.  I have seriously had them for 3 years.

If you are allergic to wool, the rubber dryer balls work great too! I have 1 set of rubber balls and I use those the most with towels and blankets. The set I have is called Whitmor Dryer Balls.


I also put lavender oil on them to make my clothes smell so good. My husband loves it! He asks me to add extra lavender so the smell lasts a little longer. I use Plant Therapy’s lavender and I order that from Amazon too. I love essential oils but I’m not convinced I have to purchase from a direct sales company.

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Benefits of dryer balls

Saves you money! I haven’t bought fabric softener or dryer sheets in 3 years. That’s a lot of money I have saved!

No chemicals!

Since I’m not adding fabric softener to my laundry I am not adding more chemicals! The chemicals in fabric softener stay in your clothes once you have washed them. They hang out and sometimes it takes a couple washes to get out of your clothes.


I started feeling healthier when I stopped using all the fabric softeners and started using dryer balls.

Less dry time

Not only am I saving money on fabric softeners or dryer sheets, I’m also saving money on gas/electricity from my dryer being done faster!

Saved Money!

Let’s do the math. If a box of dryer sheets is $8.50 for a box of 240 counts. I used 2-3 sheets per load. So 1 box would last about a month. That means I am saving $102 a year in dryer sheets. Now if you use both dryer sheets and fabric softener, then you can add the cost of both of those together.

No matter if you use the plastic dryer balls or the wool dryer balls, you are going to come out ahead. The small investment now means you won’t have to

Down Fall

Static. So the way to stop static with dryer balls is you wash the balls. I just throw them in with whatever I’m washing. Then they static significantly reduces. If that doesn’t work, then I add a safety pin to the dryer ball. That always works.

If you are on a quest to reduce the number of chemicals in your house, then I highly recommend using dryer balls! I want to hear about how you are reducing chemicals in your home! Join my newsletter and send me an email to tell me about your journey! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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