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How to outsource when you struggle to let go

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Has your business grown so much that you are overwhelmed by all the things? Is your business getting to the point where you are not able to keep up?  It may be time for you to consider it’s time to outsource when you struggle to let go and hiring a virtual assistant is your next best step.

As a blogger, I realize that keeping control of every single aspect of my business assures me that it is all getting done the way I like for it to get done.

I know what day Tailwind is getting scheduled, I know when a new blog post gets published where it is getting pinned and I know exactly how many Facebook posts I do in a month.

The sad part is, I also know exactly where I could be doing better.

Being a blogger, I get it. You spend all this time creating an income and the last thing you want to do is outsource some of your work and spend money, the hard-earned income you make from your business.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to spend money to earn even more money. Or we have to spend money to free up our time so we can focus on the best return on our investment.

When is the right time to outsource in your small business or blog? How do you hire a virtual assistant?

Let’s talk about time

Time is our highest commodity. We all have 24 hours in a day. We can either use our time wisely or we can waste it away scrolling on social media.

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time on social media. I have realized it’s the biggest waste of time for me. It sucks so much time out of me that I have had to take Facebook off my phone and use a Chrome extension that blocks my timeline on Facebook.

By eliminating the distraction I have been able to turn my attention to Pinterest which will drive traffic to my blog. Pinterest is a better return on investment than Facebook.

Maybe you are realizing you don’t have time for social media at all, but you know you need to be in the Pinterest Game but you don’t have time for that.

Did you know there are people who offer a service and manage your Pinterest strategy? I happen to be one of them!

Let’s talk about Increased Customer Communication

Maybe your business is exploding and therefore you need help with keeping up with all the emails, Facebook posts or messages. Realizing you don’t have the time to keep up with all the tasks of communicating with your clients is key to keeping your clients happy!

A happy client means they will come back and hopefully, when they come back they will purchase from you again!

The best part is there are virtual assistants who specialize in customer service and would love to help you!

What to outsource when you struggle to let go

While I was helping a friend of mine determine how to outsource when you struggle to let go, I found we were asking the same questions.

What is it you like to do in your business?

What is it you don’t like to do in your business?

How much time does that task take?

Is that task have the best return on your investment?

Once we determined which tasks were her favorite, that is when she was able to see what she could outsource.

Knowing when it's time to hire help is key to a thriving business.

Let’s talk about Traffic

Maybe you realize that traffic is your struggle and you need to outsource when you struggle to let go. You know that Pinterest could be a driver in your traffic area but you just don’t have time.

There are VA’s that specialize in Pinterest, and I happen to be one of them!

How do you find these virtual assistants?

There are several ways you can find a VA.

First, you could write a post on Facebook saying you are looking for a VA. It could be brief, just say your business is growing and you need some help.

Guaranteed you have a friend who is a VA or someone knows someone who is.

Second, you could write a post on a Facebook Group saying you are looking for a VA. These posts usually get a lot of traction from people who are willing to help.

Third, you can look on Pinterest for a VA. Believe it or not, VA’s create pins to their service pages and then you can contact them directly.


Work with me!!

What?! Seriously! I started offering Pinterest services last month. I learned that offering a service is something I could do now while I create my products for my blog.

When I learned about offering a service, I decided Pinterest was a specific niche and I could easily work with a couple clients a month and still maintain my blog.

If you are looking to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, Manager or Strategist (all of the above), you could start by asking me!

I have several services I offer and I would love to help you grow your business! You can take a look at the services I offer by clicking here!

Pinterest is always changing and because of that, I pay close attention to it. I take new courses on Pinterest just because I want to learn more about the platform and how I can help my clients.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what is best for your business. Hopefully, you learned to outsource when you struggle to let go and that your business could benefit from that.

I would love to hear from you! Be sure and sign up for my email list and send me a note about how you need help! I offer coaching sessions to help you determine what is best for your business. I would love to help!


Struggling with your thriving business? Need to hire VA? Outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant can help your small business grow. Knowing when to outsource when you struggle to let go is half the battle. Hiring a VA and allowing the virtual assistant to help you grow your business. Do you have a small business and need some help? Maybe a virtual assistant can help your business or blog grow?


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