How to Make Life Goals you can Accomplish

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The Holiday season is one of my personal favorites. I love everything about it. I love the business, I love the excitement and I love seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. During this season, I have found that I also start to reflect on what has happened in the last year. I reflect on my life goals and I see if I have accomplished them, and then I start to think about my life goals for the following year.

When I was in direct sales, I started setting goals as opposed to New Years Resolution. I found that resolutions were often lost within the first month of January and I often never looked back on them. I recently heard that these are the top 5 resolutions made every year.

5. Get a promotion or new job
4. Have more fun
3. Make more money
2. Spend more time with loved ones
1. Join a gym and lose weight

When I look at these resolution, I wonder if anyone has a plan on how to accomplish them, or are they just throwing out some lofty hope?

Goals, however, had a purpose. They were there to grow me.

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Getting started

I usually break my goals into family, health, spiritual, financial, work. I have found that when I have a few things for each of these goals, I am able to focus in on them individually.

Here are some examples:

Family, take 3 day vacation without devices. Maybe go to a place that doesn’t have internet?

Health, Commit to 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week and yoga 3 times a week. Decrease sugar consumption for all family members.

Spiritual, read the Bible in a year.

Financial, save $50 a month for Christmas.

Work, consistently post 2 blog posts a week.

You maybe looking at these and think those are easy. They are easy, but when life happens, it becomes more difficult.

How to Plan and Make Life Goals and accomplish them

Front and Center

There are many ways to view your goals. You can decide you are going to write them down and put them in a binder and not look at them till next year.

For me, I tend to write them on index cards and review my goals every day. Everyday, I read my goals to remind myself of where I am headed.

Take a moment right now and write down a few goals you have for the next year.

Create Small Steps

Now that you have your goals, we are going to break them into smaller goals that can be done in a month.

Let’s say you have a goal to lose 20lbs in a year. You will want to divide 20/12= 1.666. If you round that up to 2lbs, that would be your monthly goal to lose. You will know that if you lose 2lbs a month you will be able to achieve your goal by the end of the year.

Smaller goals are easier than looking at the big picture. Knowing you have to lose 2 pounds in a month, allows you to think about what you are eating and the exercise you are doing.

Maybe your goal is to save $1000 in a year, or in a month. Take a moment and figure out much you need to save each month. $1000/12 is $83.33 a month. You just have to figure out where that $84 is going to come from.


Remind yourself

Review your goals daily. Why? Because this is what will keep you focused on the prize! Creating your new way of life takes time. During that time you need to keep focusing on everything you want to accomplish.

Some people write their goals down in a daily planner. This allows them to be able to see them daily and review if they are close to accomplishing their goals.

Miss the mark?

Follow through with your goals. If you see that you haven’t lost the 2 pounds you were supposed to lose in January, then you know if February you have to work a little harder. Having the smaller goals allows you to adjust so you can tweak your process and


Now your goal is small. You can see what needs to be accomplished and how you can accomplish it with little steps everyday.

How to Make and Plan Life Goals and Accomplish them


You broke your goals down, and you accomplished them. Congratulations! Let’s celebrate!!! Celebrate what you set out to accomplish and completed. Take a moment to take pride at what you have done. Enjoy it.

Now start over and create some new goals!

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