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How to Get it all done when your husband travels

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It’s 6 am on Monday morning, my husband’s car service has been waiting in the drive for the last 10 minutes. He kisses me goodbye and says I’ll see you Thursday night and I’ll call you when I get there. This has been our weekly routine for years now.

Once the door closes, I quickly take assesment of the weeks happenings. School, piano lessons, therapy, sports, homework, I make sure it all gets done. Every. Single. Week.

People often ask me how do I manage? What’s it like having him gone all week? How do you stay connected with your husband?

There are weeks that I do awesome and the kids and I flow together. There are weeks where I don’t fair so well at all and things get dropped.

Some evenings my husband is on FaceTime with the kid explaining fractions because I can’t find the common denominator at that very moment.

If I’m sick, then only the essentials get done. Those weeks are the weeks where I look around and I think to myself, it’s okay if we missed practice this week. The kids are fed, they are loved and I can only do so much.



We have to eat to live so meal planning is on the top of my list. I switch between freezer meals and a meal plan. I use $5 Meal Plan a lot. These meal plans are amazing! I highly recommend their meal plans! They are fast and easy and you can check them out by clicking here.  I also use FreezEasy, this has helped so much keep meals on hand so I don’t stop at Culver’s or Chick-Fil-A on the way home. If you haven’t started making freezer meals, this is a great place to start! They are super easy and SO HELPFUL when my husband is traveling. You definitely need to check them out!

You can check out my other blog post about groceries and how I save money on them. Save Money on Groceries Cutting these the 3 things.

How to organize your week when your husband is traveling all week long.

My Job.

I prioritize my job during the school hours. I work for 3-4 hours while the kids are at school. I’m a Virtual Assistant and a blogger. This is also the time I work on my blog, doing all things blogging.


The never ending after school fight with the kids and I. I used to allow them to do homework after dinner but then one night we were still doing homework at 8:30 at night because they forgot about something. After that incident they now have to do homework first.


We really try to only have 2 activities after school per kid. I just can’t do more. Currently we have 3 since my son is going through Vision Therapy (let’s not talk about that..). The order of priority is therapy, music, sports. Yes, we pay for it all but sometimes you just can’t do it all. I have learned to give myself permission to miss things. It’s OKAY and sometimes the kids need the break just as much as you do!


Lots and lots of prayer. Seriously. I pray all day long. It’s the only thing that helps me focus on the tasks that need to get done. Prayer helps me maintain my sanity and be able to be a loving mother.

This is my list. Prayer should technically be in the number 1 spot because I seriously could not do it all without my relationship with Jesus.

Managing time when my husband is away means strict discipline. It is exhausting and there are nights where I am in bed and asleep by 10pm.


If you are one of those Mom’s who is pulling double duty with the traveling husband, my hat is off to you. If you are a working mom who’s husband travels I salute you. If your husband is deployed I thank you. Managing a home, taking care of kiddos and taking care of yourself is hard work.

We don’t know if we will get a full night sleep when we go to sleep at night. All we know is that we are the ones who is holding it all together. So, my new Mom friend, I am proud of you. You are working really hard and I am here for you. I know you are lonely and I know how tired you are. But you are doing a great job and your children are so thankful for you! Let me take just a quick moment to pray for you!

Father God, I ask you to be with the Mom who is reading this right now. I ask you to comfort her, and release your love on her. Father, bless her with an awesome nights rest and to surround her home with your glory. I thank you that your peace will rest on her and her home and that she knows she can call on you. I thank you that when she does call on you, you will come running to her rescue. Thank you Father for being so good! In Jesus name, Amen.




How to organize your time when your husband travels.

Having a husband who travels makes your weekly routine more of a need.

Having a husband who travels means more organization for me. Tips on time management, organization and getting it all done.

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