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How To Delete Pinterest Board

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Pinterest is one of the most interactive and sociable platforms out there right now. Pinterest, is a visual search engine giving users a profile to store their images or “pins” on a board. This post will go over how to delete a Pinterest board and some thoughts as to why it’s a good thing.

The way the app is designed with its beautiful visual images that are stored on users profiles themed boards makes it extremely easy to start sharing your favorite ideas, photos and interests all in one compiled area for users to find.

The beauty of using a board is you can theme it around essentially anything whether you are blogging a journey or simply want to share some outfit ideas with your friends and followers, a board is easy to make and with so many different ones already on Pinterest, it is also great fun scrolling through other peoples to see what they are sharing.

If you have a board that you want to hide for another day or maybe you want to delete it entirely if you no longer use it or just want to start fresh. Depending on the board and the amount of pins on your account, is how Pinterest will respond to you deleting or archiving boards.

Luckily archiving and deleting a board is quite easy through the Pinterest interface, so keep reading to learn how you can quickly get rid of a Pinterest board.

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Method 1 – Delete a board

If you no longer have the need for a board and want to get rid of it entirely so you and other users can never see it again, this process can be done by just clicking through a few menus.

Step 1 – Log Into Account

First start by logging into your account by typing in your username and password. 

This will be required so you can see your own personal boards that you wish to get rid of.

Step 2 – Click On Profile Picture

Next, you will want to go to your personal profile so you can view the boards you want to delete.

This can be done on desktop by simply hovering over to the top right of the main Pinterest screen where pins normally appear.

In the corner next to ‘About’ will be your icon and name, click on this to take you to your personal profile where you will be able to see all your personal boards.

For mobile, simply click on the picture icon in the bottom toolbar. 

Step 3 – Click On Board

Scroll through your boards and when you find the one you would like to delete, click on it to open it up and a few options will be dotted around.

Step 4 – Edit Board

At the top next to the board name there will be a ‘…’ option, click on this and a few more options will come up where you can customize your board in various ways.

One of these options will be ‘Edit board’, click on this.

Step 5 – Delete board

Now there will be a ‘Delete’ option in the bottom left corner.

Click on this to finalize your choice and you will be asked if you are sure you want to remove it.

Click ‘Delete forever’ after this prompt and the board will be removed permanently. 

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Method 2 – Archive A Board

Maybe you have a board which you don’t need or want to see right now, but you may need it at another point down the line.

Luckily this can be done through archiving, this will remove a board from being displayed on your public profile and will prevent you from saving pins on them as the board will become hidden until you unarchive it which can be done at any time.

Archiving a board is simple and easy and can be done very similarly to deleting a board.

Step 1 – Log Into Account

Log into the Pinterest account you wish to archive so you can view the accounts personal boards. 

Step 2 – Click On Profile

Just the same as before, search for your profile with a picture in the top right corner or bottom toolbar and click on this to bring you to your personal page.

Step 3 – Choose Board

Find the board you wish to archive and click on it.

Don’t be too worried about your Pinterest profile and the impact of hiding boards. Archiving a board will not remove any of the pins or saved data associated with the board, all that will happen is it will remain hidden from everyone except you and you can unarchive it at any point when you feel you are ready to display it again.

Step 4 – Archive

When you are on the board you wish to archive, click on the ‘…’ next to the board name next to the top.

This time, rather than clicking the ‘Edit board’ option there will be another option next to this simply called ‘Archive’, click on this.

Step 5 – Confirm Archive

You will be asked to confirm whether you want to archive the board or not, along with some pointers about what archiving a board will do to the board. 

When you are sure, simply click ‘Archive’ again and the board will be saved.

Step 6 – Unarchive A Board

In the future when you decide you would like to unarchive a board and have it displayed again, start by clicking on ‘Saved’ at the bottom right of the home page.

Pinterest creates a section at the bottom of your boards that will be filled up with your archived boards. Simply click on the pencil ‘Edit’ icon and ‘Unarchive boards’ will be the top option.

Click on this and then press ‘Unarchive’ again to have the board of your choice fully displayed again.


As the user profile ages on Pinterest, creating a habit of assessing your Pinterest profile and boards and then implementing deleting Pinterest board to help a profile with the Pinterest algorithm.

Once you start getting the hang of Pinterest it can be very easy to start creating post after post until before you know it, you have an entire catalog of different themed boards surrounding your page. 

Deleting boards can make this much simpler and even if you don’t like the sound of removing a board permanently, you can even simply archive it for a while so that it still exists but is still out of sight.

Deleting and archiving Pinterest boards is incredibly easy, so always consider it when you want to make some room in your profile.

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