How to Conquer Productivity Working at Home with Kids

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Summer is coming and my kids will be home from school. ALL DAY LONG. This means I am forced to shift some things around so I can remain productive working at home with kids. The task of working at home with kids means more interruptions, and a lot more hugs and kisses during the day.

Due to this, I have to learn to adjust and let some things go.

I work from home. So I don’t have time to be their entertainer. This means that my kids need to learn to figure out what they have to do every day so I can work. Thankfully I work in the morning, so by 1 pm, we can be hitting the pool.

I do have an agenda for the kids that they have to do during the day. They have to read, do the math and write in a journal. They also have some summer activities I have arranged for them too. I believe summer is meant to be fun but I also don’t want them to forget everything they have learned.

As I forecast the summer, I still have to figure out what I am going to adjust so I can keep the momentum going working at home with kids.

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Working at Home with Kids Plan

Even though the kids are home, it doesn’t mean you have to lose productivity. It just means you have to adjust so you can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Get up early

Since my work schedule is flexible, I have decided I am going to get up early so I can have the majority of my work done before they get up.

Quit Social Media

I have found that social media just wastes time. During the summer I need to be super productive and I don’t have time to waste reading about my friend and her awesome accomplishment.

Use a timer

Thankfully my kids are older, but I still have to use this concept. I have to use a timer and say for 25 minutes we are going to clean. But those 25 minutes will help me be so efficient and get another task done.

Non-traditional office and office hours

There is no reason why you can’t work at the pool while the kids are getting out some energy. Last year I saw several parents at the pool with their laptops working away. This summer, I plan on writing blog posts while I am poolside.

Daily Plan

Make sure you have a plan for the day. Failure to plan means planning to fail. Start each day with a plan so your little people know what they can expect every day. Maybe create a plan with the kids where they know that you are going to work hard on Monday and Tuesday so on Friday you can have a “field trip.” That trip could be to the beach, or a museum or the zoo.

Be Flexible

If you know your plan then you know what has to get done. Make sure those things that NEED to get done get done first so that if something goes whacky you have what needs to be done, done.


Just because your schedule has gotten a little more crazy with the kids in your workspace, don’t forget you still have to take care of you. Bring the kids with and go outside and run, walk, bike ride. Just because it’s summer break, it doesn’t mean you have to be stressed and working all the time.

Be very clear

Be very clear with your kids about what you need to do for your job. If they understand how much time you need they are more likely to let you finish that task. Even during the school year when they come home from school and I’m not done working, I tell them I have to work for an hour and then I am all theirs.

Be present.

Despite working from home, make sure that when you are not working you are very very present for your children. This lets them know that they are a priority and you value their relationship.

Stop and smell the roses

Even though you have all kinds of deadlines, don’t forget to stop and enjoy your life and your kids. Kids grow so fast and before you know it they will be gone. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the time you do have with them.

If you are the last minute organizing, working from home with kids, Mom like me, I challenge you to take 30 minutes this week and figure out the game plan for your kids and your job. These 30 minutes are going to fly by as you organize your calendar and figure out when and what your kids are going to be doing this summer. And you will be so happy when they come home to the plan.

Oh, by the way, I would love to hear about your plan! Do you mind take a moment and joining my newsletter and sending me a quick email to tell me about your summer planning strategy? I would love to hear it and see if there is anything I can learn from you! Thanks!

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